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I’m Not Your Friend, Pal

What a surprise: I had to work at the paper for Monday’s presidential debate. But this gave me the opportunity to see lots and lots of McCain / Obama photos. I’m talkin’ dozens. I was also rapidly and clumsily texting my sisters and mother all night. (I’ve got like these small, unwieldy Hobbit fingers. Not hairy or anything, though, just stumbly and uncoordinated.) Uhh anyway.

Choosing a strong piece of art for our front page was tough, because every single image was the same, and they all sucked.

obama mccain
Photo courtesy Associated Press

The problem was that the stage for this “town-hall style debate” was large and and red and there was nothing on it but two chairs for our candidates. Against this bright red background, it became distractingly apparent that John McCain is old, Tom Brokaw is old, and Barack Obama is young, young, young. Tom Shales of The Washington Post, back me up on this one.

There was one picture in particular that really terrified me.

Anyway, the problem is that we can’t be biased. But it seems like all the photogs that went to this thing feel the same way I do: It’s just sooo much easier to look at Obama. So I’m left with a slew of pictures with Obama gesturing, or frowning, or grinning, or shaking hands, or listening intently … and like 12 of McCain hunched over, grinning tightly, or with that moist man-face thing going on ..

I did pick a pic, but I wasn’t super-satisfied: It was the best photo of McCain and the worst of Obama, and my B still looked about 150% more palatable than his rival.

Oh, right, and I think they talked, too? Something about the economy …

Anyway, here are some Bunt text excerpts from Monday night. Also, Jackie was texting too, but she was drunk by 10 and therefore incapable of anything other than taking Fbook photos of herself.

Alicia: Obama … so hot
Rochelle: McCain … so not

Jackie: Obama so hot
Alicia: Right?

Angela: It’s like thank you obama for talking about co-payments and mammograms and relating to the middle class
Alicia: So true. Stop avoiding issues mccain and answer the damn Q

Rochelle: Obama is too cute

Rochelle: ‘My friend’
Alicia: He’s an ass .. I’m not your ‘friend’ john

Rochelle: Not the surge talk again

Rochelle: Wait was McCain a veteran?
Alicia: uh not sure. if only he would tell us

Jack: So I made an ass out of myself

So I think the bottom line here is, if you got it, flaunt it, B.


lover of bunts and obama

GO BUNT, GO B, GO MOM, GO ANGE, jackie it’s called alcoholism.. I hope M(op)T(op) isn’t leading you to this destructive behavior!!! j/k i know it’s because you’ve been so stressed over this whole presedential debate


bahahahah omg mare i love you.



Maris you made me actually GUFFAW with your Jackie comments.


Hey, I for one would like to hear more inside stuff concerning the day-to-day construction of a city newspaper. The inside nuts and bolts stuff is fascinating to me.

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