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OWS “General Strike” – So Why Am I Still at Work?

occupy wall street may day
Mayo es ocupado.

So apparently THIS is happening today.

The convo I had with my boss in regards to the general strike went something like this: 

Me: Sooo, tomorrow is Occupy Wall Street’s general strike.
Him: Okay…
Me: Apparently people aren’t supposed to be going into work. They’re going to block off the subways. They’re protesting throughout the city!
Him: And how does this relate to you coming into work?
Me: I’m just saying it might be hard for me to make it in on time… y’know, because they’re going to mess with all the public transportation. And I’m coming alllll the way from Queens now.
Him: I’m commuting an hour from Jersey.
Me: *Slinks back to my desk*

I’m not sure how I feel about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I have to respect any group of people that have an opinion and put the energy into spreading their message (well, save for the Klu Klux Klan). But the bigger part of me can’t help but think this is just an excuse for homeless people and hippies to walk around without any jobs, shoes or purpose. Case and point, Reuters published an article this morning with the headline, “Occupy’s May Day protests off to slow, soggy start in NYC.” Really, guys? You’ve been promoting this general strike for months, and you’re gonna pussy out because of a little bit of rain? You think I like commuting into work when it’s raining out? No wonder you can’t get jobs!

Looking at the schedule, it’s actually kind of impressive: yoga, meditation, lectures… it’s like a festy! Even Tom Morello from RATM is going to speak at a rally in Union Square where he’ll undoubtedly encourage the crowd to “fuck the man” and “fuck consumerism” and then tell everybody to buy his new album which drops this month. Three cheers for hypocrisy!



Reading this at work while i am supposed to be doing my actual job. That’s right! Getting away with it, too! Ummm..someone just saw me so gotta go.

Rod Bunt

… I hate getting screwed over by rich people, too. Is that the message? what the hell is the message, anyway?

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