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Our dad used to be called “The Copper Snake”

Ahh, young love. Rochelle describes (some of) how she and Rod got together. Bunt history like you never dreamed of! Or maybe you did.
This is how we picture our parents' courtship.

Several weeks ago, John Travolta was thrown into the spotlight when his son Jett died suddenly from what turned out to be a seizure. The media and the public couldn’t wait to place blame for the tragedy on the Travolta’s belief in Scientology and the apparent rumor that they refused the medical treatment that may have saved their son.

I have no idea what happened or what the truth is. I do know that every religion has beliefs that those outside that religion question and see as odd. I also know that losing a child feels the same in any religion and they are suffering. Money and fame are meaningless at times like that.
That being said, I have to tell you I feel a special closeness to John Travolta.
Yes, he is a bit wacky and over the years has behaved in ways that I have questioned, but still I can’t help but think if not for John, I may not be Mrs. Rod Bunt — and the little Bunts and Buntology may not have come to be.
Let me explain …
It was September 1978 and I had just arrived at Oneonta State College as a transfer student. I was a junior and a bit older than most of the others in my dorm. It took me all of five minutes to figure out campus living was not for me, but it would take a little longer to come up with an alternate plan.
I went to use the bathroom in my hallway, and on the door inside the stall was a picture of John. He was very popular, having just starred in the disco-drama flick “Saturday Night Fever.” Written in ink in a circle as if the words were coming from his mouth,the photo said, “Hi, I’m Rod Bunt. I live in Room 57. Come see me.”
I had heard whisperings of this Rod guy, and all the girls were buzzing around about him. I had not had the pleasure. After seeing this picture — in the girls’ bathroom! — I had formed my opinion. What an idiot! Total jerk, a-hole, etc.
When I mentioned my experience to others, the girls all started warning me about the wild Rod who was only out for fun, sex and using girls. Wow! Now I was intrigued. I had to meet this guy.
So we met. I found out later that he wasn’t the one who put the picture up. It was actually my resident adviser, who had a crush on him, that had done it. Rod and I became great friends. We went on a date and saw “Saturday Night Fever.” I did fall for him, of course, but was smart enough to keep it to myself and just do the friend thing.
So we got married, had our girls, and many years later “Pulp Fiction” would become a favorite Bunt movie. (I modeled my appearance on Mia Wallace’s jet black hairdo for about a year. Ma hateeedd it. – Alicia)
So you see, John Travolta brought us together and remains a constant. Okay, probably everything would have happened exactly as it did anyway, but that was how I first heard the name of my husband. So I feel a special connection with John, despite the whole Scientology thing.

Hey, Ma, you left out all the times you made Daddy cry … and the gratuitous LSD use! Ah, I guess some things never change.



hahahahah so funny. i love that pic.


And the odd obsession with that movie among all the Bunt girls makes complete sense now. John Travolta lives within all of you.

Also, I can’t possibly be the only one who gets Urge Overkill’s “Giiiirrrl…. you’ll be a WOMAN… SOON” stuck in my head for days at a time after just hearing the words ‘Pulp Fiction’


Poor Rod… surrounded by women just like in college—but not quite the same.

big daddy bunt

you miserable blood suckers


Jackie: ew I hate when they jab the needle in her hearttttt

Chris Rolando

So “Big Daddy Bunt” sold you the story about the RA and the poster?

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