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Opening day [by Steve]


Ladies and Gentlemen– welcome to Opening Day of the 2009 Major League Baseball season, perhaps the sweetest words of every year.

Opening Day in and of itself is in the top five most magical days of the year, and is number one in the sporting world. Not enough can be said about the excitement and energy level of a Game 7 in any sport or a Super Bowl, but nothing matches the level of Opening Day. It doesn’t just mark the start of a new baseball season, but it is a turning point in the lives of every American. It marks the true start of spring, the end of snow and consistent cold, and the beginning of roughly four months of warm sunny weather (granted us northerners still have to wait an extra 2-3 weeks).

Everyone starts to get that itch to go to the ballpark and grab a hot dog and a beer, and enjoy beautiful weather while a classic game unfolds in front of you. Or to fire up the grill and drag a tv, or at least a radio, outside and drink your beer while still experiencing the sounds of the game. So I say to everyone young and old, male and female, get out your hats and shirts (even if they are pink, we’ll allow it), eat your hot dogs, drink your beers, and maybe even have one or two of those ice creams that they give you in the little helmets, and get ready for the next six and hopefully seven months. They will be captivating and unpredictable as we all spend each day looking forward to those magical words that happen around 7 p.m. every night….




Definitely ready for some baseball!!


Madness may be down with the pink hats, but methods only supports it from a revenue standpoint. This also goes for military fatigue hats. I’m going to be honest, opening day for me is an omen of bad things to come. A summer full of a just one sport, without any diversity. No basketball, no football, no hockey, just baseball. I follow the Red Sox and watch every game I can, but sometimes, in the beginning of July, watching NESN, Top 6 against the Orioles, I realize that we’re only halfway through the season. Don’t get me wrong, baseball by far has the best stat lines, and for most Americans it is their favorite sport. I guess my A.D.D. just does not allow me to enjoy it as much as everyone else. Although I will give Steve this, I am itching to go to some games, baseball is one of the best sports to watch in person.


whos that sexy man in the background yo?

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