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On the Road Again (Pass the Chex Mix)

My friend and I thought it would be fun to go with her boyfriend’s band to a couple of their shows last weekend.

While I was able to fulfill my lifelong fantasy of being a merch girl- or, the girl who carries a box of t-shirts from the van to the venue- I ultimately realized that being in a band seems like way too much work. I’m exhausted and all I did was dance and pass out in the back of my friend’s Acton all weekend.

Check out some of the pics I snapped on the trip that took me from NYC to Boston to Vermont and back…

Boston! Less street food than New York, but more human interaction. When I was taking this pic a cab driver asked me if I was texting him, to which I excitedly replied, "Yup!" I think he was confused.

On our way from Boston to Plymouth, we saw this doggy riding tandem with its owner! When I ran up to him to ask if I could take a pic, the dog tried to attack me. Now THAT'S ride or die.

I love Indian food, and I love live music, so the Guru Room in Plymouth, Mass. was basically my dream come true. Chicken tikka masala, where you at?

I found some guys doing an open-mic night in a bookstore downtown. They were fun and friendly, but I really need to think of a better pick-up line than, "You should check out my website."

We arrived in Stockbridge, VT around 5 a.m. The lush green hills almost made me nostalgic for my Western Mass home. Then I remembered that I hate my hometown and many of the people in it, and I snapped out of that quick.

We got to hang out at Ziontific Festival for the day while the band played. The last day of the brand new, small festy was pretty quiet, but very fun. And I got very drunk. (RE: Sunset Blush)

DDO drove 4 1/2 hours in the middle of the night to play music to two spunions on the last day of a festy. Was it worth it? I'm sure the band would say yes.

This is the river I dunked my head in halfway through the day. At the time it seemed like a great idea, but looking back I think this must've been when the weed brownie started to take hold.

Back on the Megabus heading to NYC. While the sound of crying baby the entire ride left something to be desired, it was still better than its alternative the Fung Wah Bus, aka the Death Wah Bus.

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love it.


woops I still need to follow buntology on twitter, hahahaha


Can’t wait til you document your trip home next week. Already warned our visitor that life here is basically like being on a reality show. One never knows what will be recorded or written about. Oh, and names are rarely changed to protect the guilty.

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