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North Adams First Annual Dog Costume Parade!

The first weekend in October is considered Fall Foliage

mom and willie posing at the first annual north adams dog costume parade

Weekend in North Adams, Mass., and thousands of tourists rush to the city for our annual parade, craft fair, art, and road races.

Now that my kids are grown I no longer take advantage of all the Fall activities that my community has to offer, but this year a new event was added that forced me to drag my usually unsociable self out of the house and be part of the community…

The first Dog Costume Parade took place on Saturday, October 2 and it was amazing.

I don’t usually like seeing animals put into costumes or made to do tricks for the amusement of humans, but dogs clearly love to please their families and I saw no signs of discomfort or embarassment.

There were close to 50 dogs of varying breeds, ages, shapes and sizes and about half were in costume.

My favorite had to be Nigel, a

pug who was dressed as a pink pig. He was friendly and posing happily for pictures.


After about 40 minutes of socializing we lined up and walked through the city, down Main Street, and ended up in front of the bank where several awards and treats were handed out.

All dogs recieved a participation ribbon and goodie-bag. Nigel, the pug-pig, won a prize!

I spoke to lots of people and everyone loved the experience. There wasn’t a single dog fight and most of us spent our time cuddling each others’ dogs. I think the dogs were a bit overwhelmed at first, but as any dog owner knows- love, attention and affection win out everytime. This parade was filled with all of that and a great deal of fun.

Willie and I are already planning next year’s costume.




So is that you in the buzzy bee costume?


I’m short, but not quite that short. Cute dog, though!

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