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No Measuring Recipes: Angie’s Super Salad Dressing

Since mid-January, I’ve been living a no simple carb, no processed foods life (except on Saturdays, and it is epic). Because of this, I’m constantly eating produce and almost always make a salad for lunch. In my case, salad is really just a general term for whatever is in my veggie drawer + protein + leftover scraps I have from dinners that week. 

But even the healthiest salads can have their nutrition ruined by an unhealthy salad dressing. Not to mention most of them are high-calorie, processed junk. Because of this, I opt to make my own salad dressing using super foods like ginger, garlic, hemp oil, apple cider vinegar and a lot more.

seasonings for italian dressing
So I buy cheap spices. So sue me.


Olive Oil
Hemp Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Raw ginger
Garlic clove
Lots of seasonings (thyme, black pepper, basil, oregano, parsley, salt)

(If you don’t have all of this stuff and are in desperate need of salad dressing, no worries. The two most essential ingredients for a basic dressing are oil and vinegar. While it won’t taste as flavorful, it’s still a helluva lot better than some Kraft crapola.)


homemade italian dressing
Doesn’t that look delicious?

1. Clean out an empty salad dressing bottle, or order something like this off of Amazon.
2. Pour into bottle: One part hemp oil / One part olive oil / Two parts vinegar (so there should be an equal amount of oils to vinegar)
3. Mince your garlic into small chunks, and cut & peel a hefty chunk of ginger from the ginger root. Mince that as well (or if you’re feeling really exotic, use a grater).
4. Squeeze your lemon juice into the bottle–try not to get any seeds in there!
5. Throw in as much or as little seasonings as you’d like. Don’t be afraid. I use a lot of thyme, pepper and basil. I use a little less oregano and parsley, and just a pinch of salt.

(There will be a little room left in the bottle, so you can add some water if you want to dilute the dressing. I tried it both ways and found the flavor to be much better without using water.)

Finally, shake shake shake and serve. If you used hemp oil it will be a rich green color, with tiny pieces of ginger adding bursts of flavor to every bite. You can also use the dressing as marinade for steak, seafood, chicken, or as dressing for pasta or bean salad. Deee-lish, and a great way to incorporate these super foods into every meal. Enjoy!



Mmm should I def. buy the Galeo brand Spices? Or do you recommend fresh spices if they are on hand?


I always have s bit more vinegar than oil but that’s just the way I roll. Yum…wish I had salad right now.


what does one part/ two part mean? haha can i get some measurements 😉

also someday i would like to splurge on these seasonings
I follow his instagram account haha

Angela Bunt

ldav- it just means that when you pour, there is an equal amount of oil to vinegar! so if you do a cup of oil, you’d do a cup of vinegar. in this case, you could do half cup of hemp oil, half cup of olive oil, full cup of vinegar. but really it’s whatever you like– if you like stuff more vinegary, then you can add more vinegar and less oil. (the oil and vinegar separate so you will see how much you have of each!)


Hi. Is this dressing mixture the same as the one in the restaurant? I absolutely love the fresh taste. I completely enjoyed the pasta salad.

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