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Michael Jackson, 50, dies in L.A. hospital


Michael Jackson died after being rushed to the UCLA Medical Center earlier today where he was reported as not breathing.

A call was placed to the Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics who performed CPR on Jackson and took him to the hospital.

“The circumstances of Jackson’s death were not immediately clear. Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m. local time, Capt. Steve Ruda told the Los Angeles Times.” – Associated Press

Rest in peace MJ. And know that your video for “Thriller” still scares the bejesus out of Angela.

After the jump, read Ivan’s thoughts on Facebook as a source of news…

I’m not going to write about Jackson or Fawcett. They passed away already and now we just move on. I’m not exactly sure how they both died. I’m also not sure where you all learned of this devastating news. If you found out about these deaths from then that’s great! We are doing our job correctly! If not, I’m sure there were some of you who saw it on Facebook, courtesy of the “status” feature.

I was at my other job this afternoon in which a friend from work stopped in and said they heard it on the radio. The news immediately spread through all the cashiers and baggers (Yes. I work at a supermarket.) and soon the customers were becoming aware of the news.

If I wasn’t working I’m sure I would have been home and immediately logged onto my Facebook to check out the explosion of Status Updates…

(The following are quotes from statuses of people’s Facebook accounts. Some may be funny. Some may be true. Some may be straight up stupid.)

Ya we get it mj died. what about the people who put their life on the line every day? not some fuckin diddler

Thinks that if people took half the time they took writing there status about M.J to write about the people in the military who die to keep us safe and free or the millions of people who die painfully everyday this would actually look like a caring and appreciative country! Another sex offender of the streets!

will be sure to grab the MJ greatest hits out of the garage for the road trip this weekend.

guys chill, MJ ain’t dead….its tupac round 2.

For my money it still doesn’t get much better than “I Want You Back” when he was still with the The Jackson 5.

The silver lining to Michael Jackson dying is that every radio station is playing his songs

Michael Jackson can’t be dead…

wasn’t going to say anything but to you cold motherfu**ers wishing death upon someone else— understand that this man had children, sisters, brothers, and 2 parents, whether you agree with the life he chose or not. People amaze me— so quick to judge/act like you know someone. & now the ppl talking shit before want to act like they’re sad. Oh the FU**ED up world we live in….RIP.

remembers the day his mom bought him a Michael Jackson glitter glove from Liberty House back in the 80’s. RIP MJ, you made music come alive for me.

Now Michael Jackson can do ‘Thriller’ as a real zombie!

MJ whatever UGH he was a freak

In honor of micheal jackson all major retail stores are having a half of boys jeans sale

RIP moonwalker

totally true. RIP King of Pop

Dude who cares about MJ, the man hasn’t been cool since 1985. For crying out loud he looked like the crypt keeper acted like a 6 year old kid and has had not 1 but 2 instances of accused child molestation.

poor michael jackson… welp, at least the kids are safe now =)

damn I hope my show will still be on tonight and not a Jackson tribute. Lol

still cant believe the king of pop is no longer wit us…

Thriller album on the table, Charlie’s Angles on the TV

why doesnt anyone care about farrah?

RIP Michael Jackson…glad to see that MTV is playing music again!

cant believe michael jackson died….his thriller days will not be forgotten

michael jackson… 🙁 this is nuts, such an amazing guy – the king of pop can’t get much better then that… he has done so much for the world of dance as we no it and he will be missed!

jacksonn.. won’t be missed by meeeee.. its thrilling

okay so michael is gone but look at the bright side.. VH1 is gonna play that jackson 5 movie 100 times an personally i love it

MJ died, good he was a fuckin skinnaaa!

heard that Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack whilst walking past a day care center early this morning.

so yeah mj died ne one who is not upset that a ledegend has died is crazy and they dont get music weither he did wat they tryed to charge him on was true or not he is still one of the greatest singers n dancers of all time

I’m going to beat it in honor of Michael Jackson.

Big ups to Michael Jackson he was black n white thrilled ya and was the Baddest smooth criminal to rock the music industry…One love playa!

RIP King of Pop

may one of the most iconic figures in music RIP

looks like i wont be able to cross off jackson 5 reunion concert from my bucket list

Am I the only one that used to be scared of the Thriller video as a lil kid??

R.I.P. Michael Jackson, you were undoubtedly a weirdo, but I loved your music back in the day 🙁

born a black man….died a white women

cant and wont pay respect to Micheal Jackson, someone who has not lived a respectable life at all. 3 years ago people were writing on their face book that he was a horrible person for molesting little boys!!! sorry if that pisses u off. i really dont care. i will say rip farha fosset.

Michael will live forever inside of us. Like gum and tapeworms.

Guess his heart couldn’t BEAT IT anymore…. too soon?


RIP MJ!!! You will always be remembered….dont stop until you get enough!

Has everyone forgotten that michael jackson sucked a little kids prick?

This time next week Michael will have sold another million records….

whatttt?! farrah fawcett and michael jackson all in one day?

wellmiss you MJ…but unfortunaelty 72 virgins only await suicide bombers…and none are underage boys

its a shame that mj died but its unfortunate that the WRONG McMahon died…

michael jackson died years ago. when he was an actual singer and not a child rapist cmon people

Wow its CRAZY R.I.P Michael Jackson Speechless

two icons…. tragic. R.I.P. Michael and Farrah…


r.i.p. michael keep up the dancee moves on the other side

michael jackson can’t die. the world is ending

if I see one more Michael Jackson update,I’m gonna slap that person. No one knew him personally.let’s calm down.

wow-Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died today-bad day for Hollywood 🙁

the little black kid turned rich white woman with the weird face, who sang “Billy Jean” and diddled a buncha kids, died.

MJ is DEADDDDD ahhhhhhhh!

Your all so ignant…… anyone, anyone?

rip mike jackson as fucked as he turned out to be he was best entertainer of our timeis yelling, “what the hell, Michael Jackson is dead too?!?! WTF!”


is watching facebook light up the frigg’n 4th of July about Michael Jackson… but frankly couldn’t care at all whether or not he is dead.

RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

I love how Facebook has turned into my form of news…

Michael Jackson died? Whoa…

is wow so its true he died?!!

mj and farrah fawcett on the same day?? who’s next?

feels bad about michael jackson..

stauts updates are popping up like a rash on my facebook…is michael jackson really dead..or just hospitalized?

Bout time Michael Jackson died, he was a little bitch

Michael Jackson is dead? Now the Thriller video can be real.



So many jokes I want to make.

So many tasteless jokes.

Jeanie Schroeder

I liked Michael Jackson’s music.
Like Beat It.


hahahaha i love it


Nice, mine is on there.


Thanks, that is a very good contribution. I found it via MSN and immediately incorporated it into my feedreader. I am pleased to soon be back here to read again! greetings

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