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Michael Buble is Buble’ing up the Charts

Michael Bublé’s latest album, Crazy Love is number 1 on the Billboard charts for the second week in a row.


I have been a fan of Michael’s music since I was a freshman in college. (Thank you for introducing me to him William Cimino) This new album is by far my favorite yet.

He is known for covering classic jazz hits from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin, and even Nat King Cole. Michael Buble takes each song and re works it to make it his own. He has also written numerous hit singles like, “Everything” and “Home”.

The first hit single off the new album, “Haven’t Met You Yet” was written by Michael for his new GF. *sigh* (She is actually in the music video with him)

Whether you are a jazz fan, or just a fan of dancing and swinging, this is the feel good CD for you.

I just bought the album this week, but some of my favorites include:

Hold On

Cry me a River

Crazy Love ( I still like Van Morrison’s version more..)

Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)




When I hear “Everything,” I always think of Jackie singing to Steve. Isn’t that your song to Steve? “And in this craaaazy life ….”


You’re nooooobody ’til sommmmebody looooves yoouu


and have you booked him for your wedding yet? Geez, Steve, you better get on that already. Oh, and I’m not paying.

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