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Jasmine Memorial

If you happened to be walking by the Bunt house last night,10/27, at around 10 PM and peeked into the backyard you might have thought you were witnessing a rehearsal of something special for Halloween night. There we were: Me, Rod and our dog Jenny. I was lowering something into a hole and Rod picked up a shovel and began covering it with dirt.

jasmine the calico main

The rain started to fall and we held a lantern for light. Truly something out of a Stephen King novel. Surely any minute a werewolf would jump out or our dog would start to growl and turn rabid. Or maybe, our precious cat Jasmine would suddenly come to life and be her young, healthy self again.

None of that happened.

When our twin daughters, Angela and Jackie, were in the second grade they stumbled upon two kittens at a tag sale. They pleaded with me for one of the kittens. Their dad, Rod, and I were dog people so I was sure that he would never agree to the request. I said if dad says okay I would agree. I figured I was safe. HA! Dad was all for it, or maybe he just couldn’t say no to his girls.

The girls are now college seniors. That cat, a beautiful calico, spent 14 years as queen of the Bunt pet household. You say you hate cats? Many folks who came to our house said the same. Then they met Jasmine. She loved people, loved attention, loved to shower affection on people. Visitors had a hard time resisting her. My mother spent most of her life not trusting cats but she adored Jasmine. Same with my brother-in-law.

Jasmine wasn’t perfect. She merely tolerated our other pets and at times could be quite a bitch to them. She was completely a people cat.

So last night after weeks of watching her get better then worse with this cancer thing we made the ride to the vet for the overdose of tranquilizer.

When we buried Jasmine we said a few words. I don’t believe she heard them or anything but it was more to honor her. You know, you were the cat that changed us from ‘dog only’ people into ‘dog and cat’ people. You opened the door for the other cats in the house. That kind of stuff. Mostly I think we will honor Jasmine by the fact that so many of our passwords involve some variation of her name (woops…forget that).

So here’s to you Jazzy. The very first Bunt cat. You were loved big time.



Rest in Peace Jazzy. She is beautiful.


shit. you made me start crying again. you said it perfectly, kid


p.s. I was also at that tag sale.


great job mom. ps i was not at that tag sale.


ok… so it was 14 years ago… there was a tag sale and somebody wanted a kitten!


It’s ok Angela, you were probably left home because your Mom loves Jackie and Alicia more and she was embarrassed because you were bald after Alicia maliciously cut all your hair off with manicure scissors.

Rest in peace Jazzy


aww im sorry bunts…jasmine was a beautiful cat…and very nice memoir momma bunt
<3 Amy


Rochelle you have out done your self again…. you are frankly the best the bunts has to offer.

– anonymous


i think its funny that all you western massers say tag sale AND rest in peace jaz jaz…wish i could have met you

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