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Mega Millions is Taking Over the World

mega mill
People waiting in line at some convenience store.

Am I the only one who thinks this Mega Millions lottery thing is getting out of hand? Last I checked the lottery amount was up to 640 million dollars. I am sure by later this afternoon it will reach over 700. People are going insane!

I flipped the television on and all the news outlets are going into lottery overload. It looks like a zombie takeover of sorts.

All the news anchors reporting live from various gas stations and quickie marts with lines of people standing behind them. A bunch of interviews of people with theories on how to win the lottery and what are lucky numbers etc..

Then we have the assholes. There was some rich basketball player who has spent $10,000 on Mega Millions lottery tickets for this Friday’s game. Then we have the guy who tells the reporter, “If I win, first think I am going to do is go to Vegas!” Hm, so that makes sense, once you win over $600 million dollars you are going to spend that on gambling for more money. How could you possibly need more money than that?!

I just feel like the media is making this huge deal of it, and people are going crazy and buying all these tickets because it is such a high amount and are thinking they actually will win! Idiots! All idiots! OK, just wanted to express my feelings on the matter.

Now off to buy me some winnin’ tickets!



A buck and a dream…

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