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Mah Humbug posted [by Rochelle]


Well, I just paid the weekly bills and figured out what I have left over for gift buying… not pretty. I truly dread this time of year. When I say dread I mean hate. Before you start blaming it on my Jewish roots let me tell you nobody does Christmas up more than my mother and sister. They are maniacs. Despite what they say every year about “cutting back” and “money is tight” they still do it up big time and seem to enjoy every minute of it. They are 100% Jewish so please don’t go blaming my Scroogeness on my religion.

I just do not believe in charging way beyond what I can afford to pay (I know, so
un-American of me) and I have always hated spending hours shopping and I have people
to buy for that I have no clue what to buy them. I don’t find it fun finding clever
things for those “hard to buy for ” people — I find it annoying as hell. How about
we simply don’t exchange gifts? How about you donate some money to the Humane
Society in my name and I will donate to your favorite charity in your name? I
really don’t want you to stress over buying me a gift either.

I don’t mind indulging in gifts for my kids and husband but to be honest they need to pick out their own clothes so that is out and mostly they want expensive things like Nanos and cameras and GPS for the car. It was much more fun when they were younger and I could surprise them with fake Barbie dolls from the dollar store. The things i could do with $20 was simply amazing.

Anyway, I do love the time spent with my family because they are the funniest people I know and we crack each other up. I love visiting my neighbors and other friends on Christmas Eve. I love watching old (not remakes) Christmas movies. So I guess I don’t hate this time of year but I do hate the gift thing. It truly depresses me. There is no meaning behind it so don’t start spouting that crap to me. People just do it out of habit and exercise no self control. Can’t deal… Sorry.

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