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Jon and Kate + Divorce?



I remember Jon and Kate plus 8 when it first started. In the beginning they seemed so much more happy and normal, despite having so many kids in the family. It makes me depressed seeing all these stories and tabloids [like this one? – ange] coming out about the couple. I know Kate always seems a little bossy and crazy, but don’t you have to be a little controlling and nuts when you have so many kiddies running around?

I have always really liked Jon. What I liked about the show so much (besides how cute the kids were) was how Jon and Kate interacted. They would fight sometimes on screen about small stupid things, but they still seemed very much in love. They acted like a normal married couple. As I watch the more recent episodes they aren’t together as much and you can tell that Jon just doesn’t want to do the show as much as Kate does. Kate has gotten caught up in the stardom and making money has taken priority over her marriage and motherhood. [Did you and Kate have a talk about this over coffee or something?]

Tabloids and magazines are coming out all over the place talking about Jon cheating, Kate being crazy, and something about an “open” marriage [swingers!]. Of course these people’s lives has nothing to do with me. They don’t know me, I will probably never meet them, and overall who cares right? I just can’t help but feel a little sad when I see what is going on, because after all, I have kinda gotten to know them as a family and it sucks seeing it all fall apart season after season.

I just watched a preview of the new season of the show which starts May 25, Monday at 9 p.m. Looks extremely depressing. Just thought I would share it with all you Buntology viewers! (click here) Notice how depressed Jon seems, and how unphazed Kate seems? Jon looks scruffy, tired and sad… I love you Jon gosselin! [Back off bitch, he’s mine.]



Kids will kill a marriage… I mean… kids are a blessing…


At Jackie’s insistance I watched the clip (and a few more) and what I see are two people who feel very differently about this “celebrity” thing. Jon has had it.. he is sick of it..Kate.. is loving it. I think she sees herself as a star, likes the attention. likes all that it gives her including the time with her kids (hey, who wouldn’t?). Is Jon feeling bull-dozed into this? Is divorce bad for the ratings so he is stuck contractually to do a fifth season? Hey, I have my own problems can’t concern myself with theirs for more than 30 seconds.

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David – Wow Theresa!!!! That’s such a amazing piurcte. Everyone looks so happy in the rain. I have never seen a piurcte like that. That such a creative piurcte and everyone looks great in it. You will most likely be doing my friends and my wedding

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