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Jackie’s Wild and Crazy Spring Break


Spring Break 09′ baby! It was one for the books. I started off the week by taking it easy– I had developed a tiny cough and wanted to sleep it off. The cough then developed into a horrible flu, phlegm, chills and cold disease. The rest of the vacation consisted of tissues up the nose (a Bunt girl classic…I mean, just kidding! – Angela), Game Show Network (channel 409 on Time Warner Cable) and a lot of Nyquil.

While some of you spent your Spring Break on the beach or out with friends, I made some new friends of my own. Al Borlin from Home Improvement who is now the host of Family Feud, along with Richard Dawson, the host of Family Feud from the 1970s. That guy was a major perv though, always kissing on all of the contestants. I also got pretty familiar with many other old time game shows. I liked to play the game “Try to Figure Out What Year the Show is From Based on What the People are Wearing and Talking About.” It was SO much fun.

The highlight of my break was at the end of it. I started to feel a little bit better and my parents and I went to the Humane Society to drop some food off for the cats.

We ended up leaving with a new one!

Her name is Loosey. Not to be confused with Lucy. She has some loose stool/diarreah issues which is why she was left with no adoptee for so long. For eight months Loosey goosey was stuck at the Berkshire Humane Society because of her ailment, but of course as soon as my parents learned of all her issues they had to take her home.

The lovely Loosey.


big daddy

Hey, Jackie. Good news! Loosie christened your room and bed with a firehose of shit.Ha ha, what a fun time! Only kidding…or am I?


Her name is LUCY! Anyway, look at that face. Besides who among us has not had a similar problem at one time or another? Should we be so quick to judge? Should we not embrace those less fortunate?


Does she poop in litter boxes at least?


YES! Absolutely.. and it only happens occasionally. Really, no big deal. She is very cute and fitting right in. Unfortunately, Jackie must forfeit her bed since Lucy has taken over and made it hers.

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