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Jack Bauer > Chuck Norris

After much anticipation my favorite show will be back on the air in less than a week! Well, not totally back. It is only a two hour teaser really, but I will get to see Jack Bauer back in action..finally. The two hour event is on Sunday, November 23rd at 8:00 on Fox! The real show doesn’t start start until January 11th.

I remember seeing a small preview a long time ago, before the whole writer’s strike issue and it looked crazy good. Tony, a main good guy who was supposed to be dead, wasn’t dead and was a bad guy and C.T.U. the place where everyone worked wasn’t there anymore and all this wildness. Now the preview I am seeing is like Jack in Africa helping African children or something? I am kinda confused because Jack doesn’t care about children except his hot ass daughter (Elisha Cuthbert from Girl Next Door), and how and why is he in Africa? These are questions I need answers to get to the bottom of on November 23rd, and so should you.

Also, I hate when people compare Jack Bauer to Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is dumb. Yeah I watched Walker Texas Ranger when I was little but it was corny and the fighting was corny. The fighting and killing and torturing that Jack Bauer brings down on terrorists is intense and he could beat the shit out of Chucky. No contest. I just wish Keifer Sutherland didn’t go to jail for getting so many DUI’s ..kinda ruins Jack’s good guy image for me.


Bruce Cooley

Haha nice article, but yeah I’m glad it will finally be back. Good title too.

Yeah the comparing Jack Bauer to Chuck Norris thing is annoying, but I am kinda glad it started, because people started making Jack Bauer facts, which are much better than Chuck Norris Facts.

“Jack Bauer once forgot where he put his car keys. He spent the next half hour torturing himself until he gave up the location of the keys.”


HAHAHA Jackie.
You don’t know JACK.
I still remember the ONE time I saw a promo for 24 – it was December 06, I think – where it just showed Jack doing all this badass stuff, and Jay-Z’s “Oh My God” was playing in the background. So it was super badass. We should try and find that commercial so you can watch it.


I don’t watch this crazy show but, hey, anyone named Jack is ok in my book. Except The Ripper dude but I don’t think that was his real name anyway.

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