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A Lesson in Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes — even surgeons have been known to cut off the wrong limb from time to time — but my experiences with the local medical facility go well beyond acceptable human error. As a matter of fact, I venture to say you will not believe me. If you were watching these events play out on a sitcom you would say ridiculous, this never happens. 

medical mishaps

I’m sure someone else would find some clever lawyer and find a way to cash in but I haven’t suffered any loss other than time and aggravation so I doubt I have a case. I am just amazed at the complete ineptitude (is that a word?) of the place.

I have made a list which I am sure is incomplete:

  1. Had the wrong medication called in to Express Scripts which resulted in me getting expensive medicine that I could not use or return. Also, I was billed for it. Had to wait to be reimbursed, wait to get the correct meds and guess what? A week later they did the exact same thing! Oh, and they sent the medicine to my daughter’s name because it is migraine medicine and since she gets migraines they got confused, oh wait she is a twin so they actually wrote it out for the WRONG twin. Now did you get all that?
  2. Had the right subscription written for the wrong number of packages (I am allowed three and got two). This cost me about $50. However, I have a name for myself at customer service so after complaining I did get some money back.
  3. Called the doctor to ask about a medication and how it differed from another similar medication (one had vitamin D in it). Next thing I know I receive a three month supply of it and a charge for it on my credit card. Called to complain about that. Got an apology.
  4. Was written a script for the wrong number of pills because someone did the math wrong. This was what the receptionist told me when I called. “Well, you would think Express Scripts would have figured that out.” OK, so by now the customer service lady tells me I should send my prescription to Express Scripts myself so I will know it is correctly written (how sad).
  5. I am assured that my script has been mailed to my home. It does not arrive so on a hunch I call Express Scripts. You guessed it. They have been Faxed the order. I cancel it since I do not want it filled yet. I call the doctor’s office and they insist they have NOT sent it to express scripts and it has been mailed because it indeed does say MAIL TO PATIENT.

Yeah, and these are only the ones I remember.

**So the moral of the story is there are idiots everywhere and you need to pay attention.



**So the moral of the story is there are idiots everywhere and you need to pay attention.

hahaa. truer words were never spoken. hmm truer. weird word.

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