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How much for this memory? [by Rochelle]

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Finally Angela agreed to let me get rid of the many boxes of “stuff” packed away in the attic that have been collecting dust for over ten years.

Angela is loyal to a fault and refused to part with any toys, stuffed animals, posters, Barbies, etc. She didn’t want to hurt their feelings. [OK let me clarify that this is Angela of 10+ years ago. And my Cabbage Patch doll would have been upset!- Angela] This can cause problems when it comes to inanimate objects and a mother who hates clutter.

I usually look at things lying around and if we haven’t used it in a week I am apt to toss it out. I am not a collector nor a keeper which is sad since I have undoubtedly thrown away some important items over the years. My mom threw away hundreds of Beatles cards and my “I Love Paul” pin so I guess it is an inherited trait.

Anyway, I finally got permission to sell all these prized possessions at our recent tag/yard/garage sale (depends on where you live). When I tell you there were several boxes I am understating. Most moms save certain special items. I had every damn toy Angela ever had and then the more unique items from the other two girls. Going through these things was better than watching old videos.

Every doll had a story behind it. Every book brought back the time it was read and the age the girls were at the time. Sweet Valley High? Big hit with Alicia who squealed with delight as I unpacked them and swore she was going to reread them…um Lee, you are 24! We did save the book “Corduroy” for Jackie since she won a stuffed teddy bear when she was around 5 that looked like the character in the book and it still sits on her bed.

The Barbies were the most fun since strangely enough all the Kens had no pants. Would someone care to explain? The stuffed pandas I rushed through since I knew Angela would change her mind if she saw them. [I. Told. You. Not. To. Throw. Away. My. Stuffed. Panda. *Looks over at shelf.* Phew, he’s still there.] It went on and on with memories flooding back. Who knew these dusty boxes would bring my babies back to me like no picture ever could? To think I had wanted to throw them all away!

Eventually, I got through it all and with just a few exceptions readied it all for selling. Pricing was absurd. How does one put a price on such items? Well, it wasn’t too bad. Some young girls wanted a lot of the stuff and they were all silly and giggling when I said $2 for a porcelain doll. They begged their mom who said to ask their dad. It made me laugh and I knew it was the right thing to do.

I was happy to tell Angela her “stuff” had found a good home.


Franny Z

Shoulda eBay’ed that shit! : P

One summer I cleaned out a whole closet of Power Rangers stuff… Made a killing off eBay.

(Don’t laugh, everyone watched it back in the day.) :p


the ken dolls with no pants and stuffed pandas explain oh so much

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