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Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC | Part 2

The second and final installment of Angela’s “HSIMTNYC” Video Diary has finally arrived!

This video was a definitely more of a challenge to put together than the first. In part 1, the storyline had a clearly defined beginning, middle and end, which made it easier in terms of knowing what to film and how to edit it. Capturing life post-move was a little more difficult because, like, I’m still living it. So I did my best to take about two months worth of footage and make some type of cohesive storyline with it.

The result? Jackie and I dicking around the city making jokes that are probably only funny to us.



rochelle bunt

OMG! Comedy, drama, a tear jerker, a horror movie.. it is all that and more.. eh.. the language.. a bnit much but whatev. IT IS NYC baby!

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