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Hell-O-Ween 2008

Halloween 08 has finally come to an end. The festivities began on Thursday night and didn’t end until Sunday. On the actual day of Halloween I had already had enough and was ready to call it quits with the whole costume thing. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Takes way too much work to find a costume, especially when you want to spend close to nothing.

halloween sluts 1

The roommates and I had a Gin Bucket/dress up party on Thursday night. I made the gin bucket with 1 handle of cheap gin and 1 liter of Sprite. Apparently you are supposed to use two liters of Sprite, oops! Tasted pretty awful. (Tasted pretty good to me. So did those four shots of 100 proof Soco I took earlier in the night Arghhbgh… – Angela) At around 10:30 PM one of the R.A.’s came to the apartment and basically said, “We know you are having a party and drinking and if you don’t turn off the music and be quiet we will get everyone in trouble.” Annnoyingggg! (Guess that is what happens when you have the resident director and her two toddlers living below you.) So a lot of people left and it turned into kind of a bummer. Up until that point I had fun stabbing people with my devil pitch fork.

halloween sluts 2

Friday night all of my roommates were gone and I had the apartment to myself. Alicia came up to visit along with fellow Buntology writer, William Cimino. I took out the leftover Gin Bucket and had a little get together. I was tired and threw on some wings. I was beat from the night before so it was way too hard to drink. That was the actual night of Halloween and I didn’t even do anything too exciting. (Me either. My body was too sore from puking up bile from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM that morning.) The best part of the night was probably receiving funny drunken texts from my roommate Caity.

halloween sluts 3

Saturday night Ivan had a Halloween Party kegger at his apartment. There were lots of people there and even though it was freezing outside, the body warmth from the tons of humans made me sweaty and irritable about 20 minutes in. (When I got to Ivan’s I asked him if he was dressed as Jack White. I was like, “Oh my God you should have told me I could’ve been Meg!” Turns out he was dressed as Michael Jackson. Whatever.) The night ended with a crazy trip to the McDonald’s Drivethru and a horrible migraine. As soon as I got back into my apartment and shoved a number 4 down the hatch I started going blind in my right eye. I popped a pill and went to bed. Still feeling the headache today. (The night ended with me making rice pilaf and chicken with frozen veggies at 5:00 AM. Yum.)



wow. I think it was the hat that was throwing off Ivan’s costume. For my money, if he would leave the hat on, add a loose flannel shirt and lose the glove, he would look like Arlo Guthrie, circa 1969. Just an old person talkin’, but that’s how I see it.


You know all this vomiting is bad for those beautiful teeth that I paid big bucks for. Ivan could have worked that outfit a bit and been the Mad Hatter. Either way I won $300…oh yeah!

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