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Not Ivy League Material But Still Want to Act and Dress Like a Douchebag?


Harvard has you in mind.

Harvard, the name that once conjured images of pipe-smoking professors, trust-fund preppies, world-renowned chess players, and Asian overachievers, has sold out.

The aptly named “Harvard Yard” clothing line isn’t like your campus bookstore’s Westfield State hoody. And not just because the Harvard Yard line isn’t made in a sweatshop.

The clothing line, intentionally designed to recreate the look of preppy Harvard students in the 50s and 60s, has been a plan in the pipeline for several years.

As of now, Harvard Yard only has clothing for men with the targeted age group of 25-45 year olds. But plans to release clothes for women and children are also in the works. Interested? How much are you willing to pay to dress like a jerk? Are these clothes expensive? Well that depends how much money you have.

f you’re the type of person that’s likely to drop $160 on a shirt and $495 on a sport coat, and you attend Harvard, then this could be a match made in heaven. But that’s a lot of money for clothes designed to look like Clark Kent’s leisure wear. Especially so if you don’t even attend Harvard. It’s not certain which retail stores will sell the clothing line, but it is certain to end many dates with, “Funny you should ask – no I don’t actually go to Harvard, I just want to give the impression of arrogance.”

But why? Harvard! The filet mignon of the higher education food court. Why do they need their own clothing line? John Adams and FDR must be turning in their graves. The only sensible conclusion is that it’s money-driven. But how could Harvard need the money? It’s just another thing to blame on the economy. And it is indeed a sad day when America’s oldest institution of higher learning sells overpriced Halloween costumes to rich kids who want to dress up like people from the fifties to impress people who don’t care. Trick or treat.



i mean… that guy looks cool.


i find this so offensive. i dress like that. please stop alienating me.

Kate (Mahanes)

agreed…could not help myself but read with a snazzy pic like that

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