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Happy International Women’s Day! Psst, Do You Have a Tampon?

It’s International Women’s Day! And rather than burning our bras (Victoria’s Secret is not cheap), I thought Buntology could open up the forum to all our wonderful female readers and encourage them to share what they love about our gender.

For me, it’s the fact that women are able to be so personal with one another even if they are complete strangers. I think this idea is best exemplified by the “Drunk girls in public bathrooms” encounter. I can’t count the number of times I have bonded with women I had just met over boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, boobs, tampons, skin color (that was a funny one), all in the comfort of a graffiti-ridden bathroom.

This unique type of bonding is what makes our sex so awesome.

Sure, in an instant the same girl you were sharing TP with and embracing could turn around and fuck your boyfriend, but that is the beauty of our gender. Despite social pressures and gender stereotypes, in the end we are pretty open and ballsy (or should I say “lippy”) with our words and our actions.

I’ve had many experiences with this– some good, some bad, but always insanely personal (like, one time while I was checking myself out in a mirror this girl grabbed my bare breast and adjusted it in my bra). My most recent chick bathroom bonding experience happened last weekend at the Shalimar Hotel bar in New Hampshire.

I had already reached under the stall and spared a square for a woman in need, when I heard her friend crying…

Woman 1: I’m ugly, I look just like a boy!

Woman 2: Who told you that enough times to make you believe it? You’re beautiful!

*Cue me stepping out of the bathroom*

Me: Yeah! Whoever said that to you obviously has their own insecurities you know?

Woman 2: And look at those things *pokes woman 1’s boobs*. You’re older than me with two kids and you’ve got better boobs than me! Shit, I’m 25 and mine are sagging! *Pushes boobs up  and together*

Woman 1: It’s called a push up bra!

[Then woman 2 asked me what my drink was and took a sip out of my straw, and then looked at me and laughed and said “I ain’t got nothin’, don’t worry! Hahaha!” And then I laughed, left the bathroom and discreetly threw my straw onto the dance floor.]

So, let’s hear it ladies– what’s your favorite part about being a woman?



My favorite part about being a woman is being able to sing and dance when a good song comes on without looking like a complete idiot..because I am woman and it just cute right? Eh, well at least sometimes it is.




I like that I can say I watched a movie and cried for 2 hours because I needed to and a woman will understand what that means.
“Oh yeah, I did that last week…” is the usual reply.

I love that about females. We all understand that whole crying as therapy thing.


OH yeah… AND… Women can appreciate another woman’s beauty and talk about it openly without getting all homophobic. Guys are still so hung up on that. Does a guy ever say to another guy, “Hey, you look really good today.”?

kate mahaney

One thing I love is related to what Rochelle said about women not getting all homophobic… I love that women can hug each other and snuggle without it being weird- some of the best snugglers I know are my girls! Now I do realize that every guy out there is simply thinking “that is just hot,” but who cares! I can’t say that I mind having that power over them…hahaha 🙂


Baths, snuggles, good talks, are all awesome. But I would have to say the best thing about being a woman is the female body. We have the ability to make miracles and give birth, we have beautiful curves and soft skin. We sure do have the power over men too!


hahahah yes kate that is right. like when me, you and beth take baths together?


yeah, I have to say the free drinks are the best part, hands down. that and getting into clubs faster. but bathroom bonding is very special 🙂

kate mahaney

YES Baths! Oh and The Best part about being a woman- The Vajazzler was made just for us!


I don’t know Katherine, My guess is some guy thought that V-jazzler yhing up.


Candles, and doing nice things for my family!

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