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Happy Cinco De Mayo… & seis, & siete, & ocho…

*Shudder vomit*

How pumped is everybody that Cinco De Mayo falls on a Saturday this year? And how many of you are going to parties called “Cinco De Drinko” this weekend? *Raises hand*

Before we all start hallucinating from tequila intake, I thought I’d throw down some knowledge on the history of this holiday, so I turned to the most reliable source of information since  Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print earlier this year:…

It is celebrated nationwide in the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla, where the holiday is called El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla). The date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, and to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War.”

Let me get this straight- we don’t want Mexicans coming into our country to live, but we have no problem drinking to them once a year? And since when did war = get super drunk? God this country is so up its own ass. It makes me sad… actually, I think I might need a Corona to quell the pain.

In honor of this American-holiday-gone-wrong, here are some funny pics of white people acting like dicks after drinking too much tequila. Happy Holidays!


Rod Bunt

I see that Kevin Youkilis is featured in the center photo. Kevin, kicking back into a light coma after a tough Sox game.


Bwahahahahaha, oh Angela darling girl … hahahahaha

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