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Happy Birthday to My Twins

December 29, 1986 was the day I was scheduled for a routine ultrasound for my second pregnancy. My husband was home with my daughter who was about to turn two years old the following week. I was going directly to work afterward and to be honest the whole thing was rather inconvenient.

I was five months pregnant, the baby was moving a lot and I felt fine. Was this really necessary? It seemed to be taking forever and finally I asked if there was a problem.

The technologist looked up and said, “I see two babies.”

I don’t think I will ever forget hearing those words.

There were no twins in my family and it was never something I considered. In a flash I thought of my daughter who was still in diapers. I thought of the Ford Mustang that would need replacing to fit three car seats and how we could not afford a new car. I thought I could never love and care for two more babies. That was when I got hysterical and we called my husband.

My girls turn 23 today. How is that possible?

People hear that I had twins and a 2-year-old and they roll their eyes. “Ugh, twins. I couldn’t have done it!”

I laugh. First of all, what would you have done? You get up and you feed them, you change them, you bathe them, you cuddle them. They thrive and suddenly they are graduating from college.

Second of all, my twins were never a problem growing up. They kept each other company and looked out for one another. Since my eldest was far more challenging I think Angela and Jackie decided they would give their parents a break.

It isn’t easy being a twin. You never have your own birthday. You are often referred to as “twin” instead of by your name and there are constant comparisons being made as you are growing up. Are you the same, less or more intelligent, musical, funny, creative, artistic, pretty and so on.

Rod and I tried hard to battle the “twinning” of our twins. We have always thought of ourselves as the parents of three daughters with two of them having been born on the same day. Life is tough enough without having to be constantly compared to your “wombmate.”

So today our babies turn 23, and we want the world- OK, Buntology readers- to know how proud we are of them. They remain the most wonderful surprise we ever received and add joy to our lives every day.



Well said Mrs. Bunt. Congrats on raising some good girls but comeon! Is being a twin really that hard?


Well, I have been sharing my birthday for 28 years (Rod and I have the same b-day) and that is a drag! Not even your “own day”. It is definitely not easy having a built in comparison day to day. Particularly in Middle School…but it is nice to have a built in best buddy 🙂


Happy Birthday Bunties

Kate Mahaney

I hope that both of you had a great birthday! I love you both! 🙂 🙂

Caitlin Howe

Happy Birthday Ange!
Hopefully I’ll see you soon 🙂

Happy Birthday Jackie!
I’m stealing your Buble pics 🙂

I remember that pic by the tree~love it!

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