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Timeless, classic.

A few days ago I was checking the grocery ads and noticed the spelling was reversed for Wednesday’s sales. Woah, I thought. Wait until I show this pathetic editing to Alicia. Then it hit me. April Fools’ Day is upon us once more.

Let me explain what this means to the Bunt house. It means time for Jackie to figure out something to do to Mom that will horrify her, bring her to tears, give her a heart attack. Let the terror last for just a few minutes and then let the guffaws begin. I usually am so in awe of the prank that I can’t get angry. I am usually so relieved it is a prank that I can’t get upset. Jackie is the queen of April Fools’ Day.

It started years ago when she was in middle school. She came into my bedroom early in the morning, tearfully telling me she had thrown up and hadn’t made it to the bathroom. Ugh. Well she is my baby girl so although yes, vomit is gross, parents must deal. So I jumped up to take care of the situation. Yup, April Fools!

Her efforts improved over the years. Somehow, I always completely forget about the day. One time, I got a frantic call from the road: “Mom, (sniffle, sniffle) someone hit my car. What should I do?” My stomach churned. Jackie: April Fools! She has called me at work to pull a prank, in the middle of the night — or, for her very best, has had her professor call.

Last year I got home from work and listened to my messages. There it was. Professor Treadwell telling me Jackie had not been going to class for the past three weeks and was in danger of failing. Additionally, she had been skipping other classes and might lose her financial aid. WHAT?! In retrospect, none of it makes sense. Professors do not call parents. Parents, however, panic about their kids, so I was quick to believe. I had not even considered the April Fools’ thing. Never crossed my mind.

Here's Rochelle. April Fools! It's Ange in a wig.

My husband, part of the prank, tried to calm me. I called Jackie. No answer. I asked Alicia, who nervously told me she didn’t want to get involved and I’d better talk to Jackie herself. I called Angela, only to discover Jackie was in her dorm room.

Suddenly, I was on speaker phone and the April Fools’ chant began. It was superb. Jackie had somehow convinced her professor to do this. He actually called me the next day to apologize, but I assured him I was not going to report him and appreciated the participation. We Bunts do have a sense of humor.

Anyway, today is April 1, so although Jackie assures me she is not up to any clever antics, I will nevertheless be on the lookout all day. Just like on a sitcom, the joke will be my paranoia. The joke will be the non-joke. All day I will be suspect of every call and action. I will believe nothing … and so, Jackie has already gotten me.



i’m pregnant.


Hahah, I too was ‘gotten’ pretty good this year. Fully aware that it was April Fools only seconds after writing the date at the top of my time card at work, I walk into the showroom where Eddie (a co-worker) is on his cell phone staring at his monitor. I can hear him saying, “Yeah I tried texting Will, but he hasn’t responded yet he’ll probably be in soon.” So I walk over to him to show him I’m here. He then says on the phone, “Oh Will just walked in! Yup. No just sit tight I’ll send him now. Okay bye” Hangs up. Looks at me and goes, “You gotta do me a favor. Do you mind picking up Dave on 128 and bringing him in, he broke down just before the exit?” A believable story since Dave’s car is twelve years old and has broken down before. Needless to say I got on a call from Eddie in my car on the way, saying April Fools and that Dave should be in soon and that he was just talking to dead air.


HAHAHAH oh my god, that is hilarious

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