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good band, good bar, good times [by angela]

My friends and I celebrated our roommate’s birthday Saturday by hitting up Brew Too,a sweet little bar in Southwick,


Mass. We didn’t know what to expect, other than a cover band that played a lot of Grateful Dead and cheap beer. Although the beer wasn’t that cheap, the band was damn good. Whiskey Junction was their name, and not only did they put on an awesome show, but they were kind enough to wish our friend a happy birthday! Oh, and they plugged the hell out of Buntology.

the birthday girl herself, lauren!
the birthday girl herself, lauren!

Click here to see us all sing happy birthday to Lauren. [Spoiler alert! She gets a little emotional.]

In summation, Brew Too is a fun, down-home (don’t even know what that means) bar with good vibes, good live music, and good people. Seriously, everybody there was super nice and the girls were really pretty (very important!) Also, remember to check out Whiskey Junction.

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