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Gogol Bordello, ManMan at the House of Blues [by Ivan]

[Editor’s note: Sorry for the delay of this post. Alicia and I were supposed to go to this show but technology failed us (damn GPS. OK hand-written directions failed us, too) and we missed it. It was too painful to read this review after Ivan wrote it, but now I’m seeing ManMan in July so it’s all good. – Angela]

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BOSTON – The final show of the Gogol Bordello and ManMan tour finished off Friday night in Boston, Mass. at the House of Blues.

ManMan opened up the show and played songs mostly from Rabbit Habbits, the band’s third album. While the crowd was just chilling and standing around, I began to mark my course through the mass of people in an effort to get everyone rowdy before the band finished. I recognized the sound of the next song and realized Black Mission Goggles was going to start, and my presence was not about to stay stuck in the back. I made it up front and got some people going. I wasn’t going to leave ManMan disappointed without a raging crowd… Success!

Gogol Bordello took the stage next. They started their set by playing my two favorite songs right away, Ultimate and Wonderlust King. I had a great spot in front, and the band put on quite a show. Not sure on the exact time, but they played for two hours, more or less. Gogol’s encore was a wicked good one. I thought it was over a few times… but no! They just kept on playing! The encore included Alcohol, Not A Crime and Baro Foro. They included some jammin’ and dancing as well as some la-di-da-di-da’s from Wonderlust King!

Gogol Bordello are off to tour Europe for now, and ManMan fans will have to wait until July when the band will play at the Rothbury Festival in Michigan and head out on another tour of their own.

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