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Fun in the Sun ’09


Remember this? Well, it’s that time of year again!

The Bunt family is headed to Cape Cod for a week of beaching and bonding. Not like we need anymore of the latter.

But loyal fans, don’t fret! Just because we’re not going to be at Buntology Headquarters all week doesn’t mean we won’t be updating.

Check out our Tweets on the left (tried for such a long time to try and fix how dark they are), or go to our actual Twitter page to see, a little more clearly, all the action. We’ll also be updating with our cell phones and posting as many pics and vids as we can.

It’ll be like you’re right there with us! Except you’ll be on your computer and we’ll be on vacation.



so, i hope you are having fun. p.s.-NA really blows.

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