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Fun in the Sun (FITS pt. III)

On Thursday night mom wanted to go out to eat. She was looking for a place that would be inexpensive and somewhere that wasn’t too far from the house. 

cape cod

I knew of two places in town that were on the cheap side but mom was all about listening to the queer girls living next door. Mom like hung out with these girls and like became bff with them. They seemed nice but like, eh, queer. So we all go to this Italian restaurant. I had actually gone there once before a couple of years ago. I warned everyone that my meal had tasted like throw up and that it wasn’t cheap. But nope, nobody listened! The meal ended up costing over $100 and the food was OK. Angela tried to tell mom how to move the decimal point on the check to figure out the tip. Mom got mad and everyone was going to kill everyone. Good times.

cape cod 2

That was the night I went out all on my own! Angela and Alicia wanted to lay in bed diddling and reading. I forgot to bring any books and I wanted to go out. I am a crazy party girl and cant go one night without partyin’ it up. I begged Ange and Alicia to come do something but they refused. They said I was a big baby and I needed to learn how to go out like a big girl. So I headed down to the cottage where all the boys were staying and picked them up for a couple drinks in Provincetown. We ended up at this bar/sushi type place on this outside deck. It was very cool and they played a bunch of good songs like Hush by LL Cool J! One of my top 10 songs of the summer. I had to quietly sing to myself though so nobody would think I was a weirdo. Wah. If Alicia went we would have sang together. I missed those guys until they wouldn’t stop texting me. They were obviously bored and wished they had gone. One of the texts contained pics of their boobs. I made them believe I had shown the pics to the guys. They believed me for a little while and they didn’t give a fuck.

cape cod 6

So I ended up getting kinda drunk. That was the case for almost every single night that week. I came home devoured the rest of mine and some of everyone else’s leftovers from the restaurant. Then I hopped into bed feeling way too full. MMM pasta at 2 AM is the best!

Every single night I had to sleep out on the pullout couch. Which wasn’t uncomfortable but during the day when I just wanted to lay around or hang out I couldn’t just lay in the living room because dad was usually watching TV or I didn’t want to make the room messy. Angela and Alicia got the room with the two twin beds. I repeatedly tried to lay in bed with Alicia, to cuddle/pick at my feet. She always got mad and kicked me out. Next Summer I get my own bed!

Here are some pics from the last night of our trip:

cape cod 7
cape cod 5
cape cod 4
cape cod 3

When we got back to North Adams we discovered that the person who was supposed to be watching our three kitties totally neglected them. There was shit and vomit everywhere. Back to reality.

* must mention that we saw a sick band playing on the street called The Parkington Sisters. In the five minutes we stood watching them they made like, $20.



OMG… I am peeing my pants from laughing. Exactly what happened except..uh I was pissed cause obvo. I know how to figure 20% of the check! You guys are all math challenged (see Obama aceeptance story). Waah… I miss the Cape….

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