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Facebook Users Spread Holiday Cheer, Anti-semitism

It’s getting to be that time of year again. 

You know, the time when I start to hate Facebook and contemplate having about five “friends.”

I have learned to ignore most of the political statements, requests to play games and answer questions about myself, or even find out who is searching for me (like I care). And now this week, thanks to Facebook, I have discovered the true spirit of Christmas through an old classmate’s FB wall: Anti-semitism.

With myself being a Jew this is kind of disturbing, and being it is on my Facebook simply means I have to write about it. My kids tell me I am the sensitive one in the family and perhaps this is true [editor’s note: *nods*] but a hater is a hater and I know one when I see -or rather- read one.

The Facebook comments in question circle around whether saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays” is offensive. First, let me say I do not care and neither does anyone in my Jewish family. We accept any positive wishes with a smile and assume they are meant as “enjoy your holiday” no matter what it is. After all, this is America where  Christmas is much bigger than Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or anything else and that is just fine with me.

When I was a kid holidays were a quiet time with family. They weren’t shared in stores or work, and they weren’t acknowledged with window displays. All of that came later when everything got out of hand. (You know, all the commercialism of Christmas and stuff that everyone bitches about? Don’t worry, us Jews jumped right on that bandwagon, too.)

Store workers are told to be inclusive. If you want to return their “Happy Holidays” with a “Merry Christmas” it is not a crime. Good grief! Is this really an issue?


I am wondering who “they” are? Who are these awful folks preventing my FB friends from wishing people a Merry Christmas? In 55 years no one has ever stopped or questioned my suggestion that they have a Merry Christmas. Working in customer service I have learned that the tone of voice says far more than the spoken word. Maybe that is it- the above conversation refers to Christ and the meaning of the holiday, but the tone says so much more.

“Believe my way or hit the highway.” Well, wouldn’t that make Jesus happy? Isn’t that what he was all about- the things done in his name?

I will be defriending, blocking, or whatever one does to not have these “friends’” comments appear on my news feed. The thing is, I know lots of people are agreeing with them. And that is truly sad.

So much spouting about Jesus and you still have no clue.


Ms. Claus

“Make it nice around the tree and I hope you bought me some nice Red Door!”

Rochelle Bunt

HAHAHA.. just what I wanted…

Rochelle Bunt

Ange left out the fact theat the original wall post was all in bold and CAPS. We all know what that means.
BTW.. Kwanzaa begins on 12/26. Happy Kwanzaa to all those who celebrate that holiday. Does that mean we can continue to party and get and give gifts?


How many of these people even know that Jesus was born, lived and died as a Jew?

Susan Roy

You know, I was NEVER made to feel uncomfortable in your home by you or your family. What I do know about Hanukkah, or for that much, being Jewish, I learned from you and your family. I enjoyed your holiday right along with you, as you did with mine. (although, I’m still waiting for 7 gifts from you!) I learned quite a bit about being Jewish, and was not ill at ease later in life when It was time to comfort a Jewish friend on the death of a loved one, I knew about his tradition surrounding that situation, and it was appreciated by him and his family. I also learned Jewish families are not that different from Italian families. My advice to you my friend is to not give it the power to hurt or insult you or your family. Only YOU can bestow upon it that power. I agree, a greeting or offering of good holiday wishes suits me just fine. ( i just wish you would pick only ONE spelling of Hanukkah/Chanukkah, it confuses us of little brain left). Oh and I happen to love potato pancakes on the holiday, does that make me any less a Christian? hmmmm I must go now and ponder that….

Rochelle Bunt

Awww Sue.. you are so sweet. Guess I was just surprised by the source of the original post. Can be depressing to learn what people really think. Knowing just how much ignorance still exists right here makes it hard to feel optimistic for any type of global peace.

Susan Roy

And can SOMEONE please enlighten me about Kwanza? Does one get a Kwanza card? Is there a Kwanza tree? Or a candle holder that is a cross between a menorah and Liberace’s candelabra? Please help me Santa Kwanzastein!

Kate M

What is the point of getting all bent out of shape over ANY positive greeting? It is too bad that people make assumptions instead of just choosing how to react– Instead of thinking gee, that person is trying to say something nice… noooo it has to be all about drama, or being selfish..? I don’t know what to call it. I find myself saying Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc- my intention is always positive.

I agree with Ro.


I second that. any holiday where i can eat and lay around guiltlessly is my kinda holiday. so none of the ones where you have to fast.

Susan Roy

Fasting blows….

Stu Friedman

Things like this make me thank god I’m an atheist.
A few hundred years ago(ok, maybe more like 25) a co-worker,and born again Christian, confided in me that she prayed for my salvation. This of course, went against my personal beliefs, or lack thereof, but I did not take this as an insulted, in fact, I thanked her for her concern.
Not sure if it’s paranoia or insecurity, but some people will always look for hidden meanings in what you say.
Have a nice day . . . Oh, I guess you’re saying my night should suck?
You looked beautiful at your child’s wedding . . . So all other times I look like shit?

With some people you will never win.

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