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Escape(d) from D.C.

We’re back. By God, people, we made it.


It was very, very cold, and we wandered the streets of Washington for more than six hours. Did we meet Obama? Not quite. As a matter of fact, we fared worse than the people at home – Buntology didn’t even hear his inauguration speech. We were sharing a bathroom with four other women as angry Starbucks employees banged on the door, screaming at us to get out. Now that’s what I call “Obama bringing people together.”


But at least we’ll be able to say we were there. We DID get a lot of cool interviews and stumble to some interesting places. Who knew the U.S. Postal Museum could be so cool?



It’s 3:30 a.m. and we’ve been on a bus for seven hours. We’ll disclose all the frostbitten details after we get just a little sleep.

Jesse Jackson looking kind of annoyed.


Big Daddy

Those pictures look so cool! I want to see a lot more. Jessie Jackson! Wow! I know his ordeal pales in comparison to that of, but the president had a long day, too. Of course he wasn’t moved along on the streets of DC like 3 bums.


wow you met Jesse Jackson? lol

Rochelle AKA Mom

My poor babies!

Rochelle AKA Mom

It occurs to me that I don’t think I have ever (well, since she was a little girl) seen Ange in a coat, hat, and gloves!

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