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Eric Hutchinson is ‘Alright With Me’

I may be out of the music loop, because I just discovered singer/songwriter, Eric Hutchinson.  Thanks to Pandora I came across this young biddy and really liked what I heard.

His hit single “Alright With Me”, became stuck in my head, and after hearing a few more tunes off his album, “Sounds Like This”, I decided to buy the CD.

Hutchinson released his album, “Sounds Like This”, on his own in 2007, and the album soared to number 5 on the Itunes Store. Warner Bros. Records picked up the album in 2008, and now the 29-year-old is touring with Kelly Clarkson.

He has been compared to Pete Francis, Jason Mraz, Stevie Wonder, Bend Folds, Ryan Montbleau, Billy Joel, and even the Beatles. Well, I don’t know about the Beatles, but he is definitely talented.

So check out Eric Hutchinson, and if you don’t want the whole CD I will tell you what I believe to be the top 3 songs on the album, and you can just buy them on Itunes.

1. Alright With Me

2. Rock and Roll

3.Outside Villanova




i have def heard you playing this song before… he sounds like a ryan montbleau / jason mraz combo. hmmm do you think he is single?


mmmm yes! i have this cd slash have had it for a long time now. But he’s really good he plays at Annie’s school!!


Hi, Buntology. Whiskey flask says hi, too.

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