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Draw Something, Anything, for the Love of God!

draw something

Do you have the Draw Something app? It’s sooo much fun!
“Cmon download Draw Something so we can draw against each other!”
“Did you draw back yet? Hurry I want to draw again.”
“I haven’t done any drawings in days…”

“I don’t feel like drawing this is too much work.”The above is basically my entire thought process over the last month regarding the latest app craze, Draw Something. Like most relationships built on lust and infatuation, it only took about a month to go from complete obsession  to complete disinterest as the weeks drew on (pun very much intended).

Apparently I am not the only one with a short attention span for the new mobile application. A story published today by the BBC reports, “Less than two months after it was sold for $200m, mobile game Draw Something may be suffering a large dip in users, figures have suggested

I honestly don’t know what it is with these apps. I went through the same process with Scramble With Friends, Words With Friends, Angry Birds- OK, maybe I still play Angry Birds- but I always get enthralled with the new game for a good three weeks until something else sparks my interest and before I know it I’m back on the couch spending all my spare time watching every season of That 70’s Show on Netflix, rather than drawing pictures or punting pigs.

Maybe it is the back and forth with friends, having to wait for the person to respond and getting impatient, realizing you have no life and have to walk away from the Ipad and breathe in some fresh air… Or maybe it just loses its appeal after you have every color possible and the words all seem to be the same. All in all, Draw Something had a good run, and maybe I will get into it again after I finish watching the season where Eric and Donna break up because he goes into the Peace Corp. But like mama always said: there are plenty of apps in the sea.



By the time i get a smart phone or an iPad no one will want to play ANYTHING!


yesssssss I was obsessed with this game for about a week. haven’t played in some time now..

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