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Derek Jeter vs. Yankees [By Ivan]

World Baseball Classic

Derek Jeter played against the New York Yankees earlier this week in Tampa, Fla.

Yeah! Jeter, the Yanks starting shortstop … yeah! Their great hitter … yeah! The captain of the Yankees. But this afternoon the captain of the Bronx Bombers, without his pinstripes, went up against the team he customarily leads.

Team USA of the World Baseball Classic Tournament has been preparing for the World Tournament, which begins later this week. Team USA, consisting of Derek Jeter, Jake Peavy, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis and many more practiced their throws and swings in an exhibition game against the New York Yankees.

Jeter! And some dude.

In this exhibition game, Jeter successfully beat the Yankees, going 2 for 4. Jeter and the rest of Team USA won the game 6-5. He batted second in the lineup after Pedroia and had two RBI and scored once.

The World Baseball Classic is a baseball tournament consisting of teams from 16 different countries, from different parts of the world. Tournament play will begin tomorrow, March 5. The championship finals will be played Saturday March 21, through Monday, March 23.



The best part of that game was when Jeter knocked in two runs. The stat guys screwed up and gave the Yankees two runs on the scoreboard instead of team USA; i’m attributing it to force of habit. Anyways the World Baseball Classic sucks, it was a great idea and everyone was motivated last year for it. Now we have all stars that are too concerned with their MLB 2009 campaign to actually play in the WBC. Everyone was motivated to put on their countries uniform but even though it is only the second year the players are clearly losing motivation. The worst part of the WBC is how it coincides with the baseball season and overlaps with spring training. What should be a time of re-acclamation to the baseball field is now turning into post season heroics. My concerns are selfish in nature, due to D. Pedroia the League MVP and D.Matzusaka who is one of Boston’s best starting pitchers. Matzusaka will be the star of the Japanese team and hopes to carry them to a repeat of their championship in the WBC. Pedroia only knows how to use his body at 110%. Baseball is a marathon not a sprint. Having such key contributors play at such a high level after an extended off season concerns me greatly. There is a possibility of injury but more concerning is how the traveling and the other factors will play into their stamina for the regular season. Just a selfish Bo Sox fan not interested in an event that should be reserved for the Olympics.


thats funny bout the jeter thing, but yea i kinda agree bout the world baseball classic. i was really looking forward to watching it but there are alot of great ball players that are not taken part. im still planning on watching some of it, but i lost a lil bit of interest in it. i wish it were still in the Olympics aswell

Ivan O. Cordero


Josh, I was watching PTI earlier today on ESPN and the WBC topic came up on the show. The hosts had to explain why or why not the WBC would stick aroud. Their analysis was OK, but honestly ur post is the EXACT reason why it won’t ever work. It’s so silly to have it overlapping into spring training. I wonder if some of the Major Leaguers choose to compete in it because it’s more enjoyable than spring training. Instead of these veterans having to go through tedious drills and inter-squad games (or the Red Sox facing Northeastern), these guys are actually in games that “matter.” I’m sure the level of competition is much more intense in the WBC, as compared to spring training games. Guys like Jeter, Youk and Pedroia are work horses. I’m not sure if these guys are getting paid any extra to play in the WBC, so it just must be the challenge that draws them to it.


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The WBC seems a little pre-packaged to me – another marketing tool of the almighty MLB (who already get too much of my money each year). Having said that, I gotta say I actually watched and enjoyed the Netherlands knocking off the Dominican Republic in extra innings. I was just digging the underdog thing.


Bud Selig should stop being retarded and move the WBC to December or something so it doesn’t interfere with spring training..Not having guys around camp can be disruptive..And a lot of these guys go play competitive baseball before being physically ready..I was a big fan of the WBC until Pedroia, and Youk both got hurt during it. Also, as a result of participating, Dice-K was inaffective during the 2009 season, and Papi sucked for the first 2 months..I am very patriotic and want to see Team USA win it, but not if its going to cost my guys getting hurt before the MLB season..They should change it to late December/Mid-Jan so guys don’t miss a single day of Spring Training..Then I would be more excited about seeing my guys participate in it when they are physically ready to play competitive baseball, and when it doesn’t interfere with their own teams’ schedule..


I agree with redsox fan….

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