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Bring Me Your Bananas

I feel I must mention a few elements of the second Obama/ McCain debate that the average person may have missed or deemed insignificant.

first pres debate 2008

I actually turned it away for about half an hour because I already knew the responses that were coming. I know more about these two guys’ foreign policies, health care plans, proposed tax cuts, and every other thing they say over and over and over.

The one thing I don’t really get is this financial crisis, which is a shame since I actually have a portfolio and I am undoubtedly getting screwed over big-time. You know the saying … ignorance is bliss. Well, I’ll wait til my financial adviser guy won’t take my calls and then I’ll know for sure how bad things are.

Do I have to mention that colleges could have a great drinking game going on if they did a shot every time McCain called us his “friend”? His VP choice is winking and doing shout-outs and he’s “my friend”-ing every two seconds. Gee, not much on public speaking, these two. I don’t find it homey and cute – I find it annoying and condescending.

When did Pakistan start being called Pockeeston? When did Taliban start being called Tollybon? It sounds too friendly. Reminds me and my husband of an old Harry Belafonte song: “Please Mr. Tollibon, bring me your bananas …”

Finally, not a criticism but a question. Is ‘beneficially’ a word? I am serious – I really don’t know and am too tired to look it up (even on the Internet). McCain used it several times and it made sense in context, but I don’t think I have ever heard the word used before. Benefit, beneficial, but never beneficially.

Gotta say Palin was more entertaining. No really, entertaining like a sitcom.

By the way, did you notice the ladies in the audience ogling Obama?


lover of bunts and obama

wow I love that song.. also I love obama.. I think.. well I know I’d be oogling too after those miraculous personable statements he’s just so human like not robotic and plastic like mccain.. it’s those eyes they’re so deep.. maybe his voice that’s so soothing.. or his big.. wait wait I think I’m going a little too far anyways great recognitions I can’t say I’m sure if benificially is actually a word..


p.s. it’s maris


Buntology loves Maris!


hahah mom you seriously read my mind and this is super funny.



…six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch! Come Mr.Taliban
tally my bananas…..

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