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Sweepstakes Addictions


I have always been a big sweepstakes, contests, can-collecting, and picking-pennies-off-the-ground kinda girl. I am not ashamed to pick up a recyclable or any loose change left on the floor somewhere. As of right now, I actually have more than$100 in my piggy bank.

As a young’n I used to win coloring contests and gift giveaways all the time. After spending lots of money on scratch tickets and lottery tickets I feel like the magic has somewhat worn off, but I still think that maybe one day I will hit the jackpot.


Timeless, classic.

A few days ago I was checking the grocery ads and noticed the spelling was reversed for Wednesday’s sales. Woah, I thought. Wait until I show this pathetic editing to Alicia. Then it hit me. April Fools’ Day is upon us once more.

Let me explain what this means to the Bunt house. It means time for Jackie to figure out something to do to Mom that will horrify her, bring her to tears, give her a heart attack. Let the terror last for just a few minutes and then let the guffaws begin. I usually am so in awe of the prank that I can’t get angry. I am usually so relieved it is a prank that I can’t get upset. Jackie is the queen of April Fools’ Day.

buntology march madness


March Madness may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops at Buntology!

The alligator beat the eel with 78 percent of the votes. And the lion beat the kangaroo with 89 percent of the votes. The alligator and lion will now advance to the next round.

Click below to vote for the Eastern bracket match up of (#4) Elephant and (#5) Gorilla, and the Western bracket match up of (#2) Tiger and (#7)Wolf…

odds & ends

We’ve been slacking.

  • A few weeks ago Angela [who is writing this] and her roommates hit up Hartford, Conn. for the annual St. Patty’s day celebration. We met this guy named Stanley who recited us some poetry and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I tried to record it and the sound quality is terrible. Stanley, where are you?!?! Good times were had by all, and good pics were taken by all. Check some of them out after the jump.
  • Ivan and I went to a Les Claypool show at the House of Blues last Thursday. Keep an eye out for the review in the next few hours.
  • Speaking of Ivan, remember Buntology’s March Madness Tournament? It took a little hiatus, but it’s back! The latest contenders, Elephant vs. Gorilla and Tiger vs. Wolf, will be available for voting tomorrow.
  • We’ve added a few new sites to our “we like these sites” area. The Fresh Scent is a counter-culture website I’ve been following for a while. And with the recent news about the potential legalization of marijuana (*crosses fingers*), they’ve had some pretty interesting material lately.
  • The other site, It’s Always Sunny in Orono, chronicles the experiences of UMaine student Brett and his friends (these boys may or may not have souls.) Some of the stories are pretty cringe-worthy, and that’s why Buntology likes them.

Alicia’s work-out plan

This is what I look like in real life.

There’s nothing I hate more than exercise.

People laugh when I tell them this. They think I’m kidding. But I do not exercise at all. I’m in terrible shape. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t take any work-out classes, I don’t hike or walk my dog or kickbox or use the stairs if I can avoid it. I don’t even really like walking.

My idea of physical activity is tackling my front steps after a long Saturday night. So imagine my horror at realizing my Fitness for Life class is not a lecture session but – oh god! – a fitness class.