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Friday morning poetry

Poor - but brilliant - writer Christophe.

Eagle writer and Bunty friend Chris Carlson gets deep (or maybe not?) on the subject of journalism. Says Chris, “I whipped up this parody on the newspaper industry set to the tune of ‘Downeaster Alexa’ by Billy Joel. I actually heard the song and saw
quite a few parallels to the route we’ve chosen.”

We here at Buntology were a little moved, but then again, we’re scrabbling around down here with Christophe. Journalism is hard, man!

Well I’m on the Berkshire Eagle sports desk,
And I’m working on All-Eagle teams
I have worked my way through the three seasons
But tonight they need copy in reams

I set up photos and picked up phones yesterday
Worked 50 hours, didn’t ask for extra pay
Like all reporters here, I’m under 29
Spent my tuition thinking it would all be fine …

Wine, Blink and acid reflux

Basically sums up our Tuesday night. And that’s a working night, gang. We headed over to Buntology addiction writer Patrick’s new apt for an evening of wine, women and song (read: Franzia and Billie Joe Armstrong). It started out calmly, but after we added mood lighting and hash to the mix, emotions started to rise. See for yourselves.


It was all downhill from here. After the jump: Angela rails against Tom DeLonge.

I-Sketch Crazy


I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t been doing much of anything in a while. It isn’t because I can’t find a job, or have no friends..It is all because of a little website called,

About a week ago my friend (and Buntology writer) William Cimino introduced me to this website. It is basically Pictionary online. There are a whole bunch of rooms to join, which hold as many as 10 people at a time. The object is to earn the most points by correctly guessing other people’s drawings, and the player doing the actual drawing rotates throughout the game. I am a really bad “paint” user, and that is the ISketch’s basic setup for drawing your word. Either way, this game has taken over my life for a good 2-3 hours a day.

not-so-random ramblings


Weeee’rreeee back!

The graduation madness has finally died down, which means is back in full swing. And with the recession also in full swing, we have more free time than ever. This means it’s time for some house keeping:

-Check out Random Ramblings, a blog by Westfield Stater Franny Zupancic. He does work on the school newspaper and recently started his own site in which he reviews wrestling, music, movies, video games, etc. etc. etc. For such a new blog it has a butt-load of content, now all it needs is some more readers. Do it!

-Do you know that we uploaded more YouTube videos? (More to come as soon as we figure out this video camera issue.)

-And finally *puts on kneepads for the D-sucking of Mark Zuckerberg* — don’t forget to become a fan of our Facebook page. You can find that right here.