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Mah Humbug posted [by Rochelle]


Well, I just paid the weekly bills and figured out what I have left over for gift buying… not pretty. I truly dread this time of year. When I say dread I mean hate. Before you start blaming it on my Jewish roots let me tell you nobody does Christmas up more than my mother and sister. They are maniacs. Despite what they say every year about “cutting back” and “money is tight” they still do it up big time and seem to enjoy every minute of it. They are 100% Jewish so please don’t go blaming my Scroogeness on my religion.

A Buntology Thanksgiving

Angela says: Thanksgiving = guilt-free gluttony
Thanksgiving is the best holiday for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the kickoff to the holiday season and i walk around my big warm house feeling all tingly and nostalgic inside. Second of all, five days at home is the perfect mini-vacation and a great vaca-teaser before winter break rolls around. But that best thing about Thanksgiving is that it encompasses everything i love in one day. Food, tree and family. I’m a simple girl.

I’m laying in my bed typing this and at 5:08 pm my family (save for alicia who’s at work) is passed out. We eat early and for the rest of the day our food is buffet style on the dining room table. Let the eating fest continue into the night! I wasn’t too pleased with my afternoon performance, i think living off of my roommate’s rice pilaf for the last month has shrunk my stomach and left my body frail.

Jackie says: I eat to live and I live to eat!
Thanksgiving, a time to be with your family and loved ones. I love coming home for this holiday because it means the major amount of work from the semester is over with, and I get to chillax with mummsy, daddo, and most importantly Ange and Alicia. Ya know, I rarely get to see my sisters so it will be a rare treat this holiday season. Can you sense my sarcasm through text?

One of my favorite things to do in the whole entire world is eat. I also love to cook, so helping out on this day of feasting is always a good time. Sleeping is really cool too, so overall Thanksgiving is the best! Cook, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep,eat…eat.

I am trying to think back on a memory from a past Thanksgiving I could talk about, but all I can remember is times of me taking foil off of dishes and sneaking food when nobody is looking. Alicia usually ends up catching me and gets all pissy. Ah, good times good times.

Rochelle says: The Best Holiday

I love Thanksgiving! It is actually my favorite holiday.

It starts with my job letting me out a couple of hours early on Wednesday and then moves right into a four day weekend. I don’t have to have a gift ready for anyone for this holiday or drive anywhere. The focus is on having way too much food and just hanging out in comfortable clothes with my husband, daughters, and pets. Movies are watched in a variety of rooms, we nap, we eat more. If it isn’t too cold I take my dog for a walk and pretend I worked off all the dessert calories. How could you not love this day?

I remember Thanksgiving when I was a kid. We always spent it with my Aunt Beatrice, Uncle Harry, and my cousins. My grandparents would be there too. It was such a good time. Mostly because I adored my aunt and uncle and whenever my parents were with them they would be in a good mood. All but my mother are gone now. You just think things will always be the way they are and then suddenly they aren’t anymore and it’s just kind of sad. My aunt actually died on Thanksgiving day back in 1989. Cancer. Anyway, I never connect the holiday to her death only to the good times had at her house. So those are my thoughts this Thanksgiving. Thankful for sweet memories and looking forward to making some new ones.

Will says: I have two Thanksgivings, you have one!
Seriously though, I do. Every Thanksgiving my family alternates which side of the family we eat dinner with and which side we eat dessert with. This year we’re going to my dad’s side for dinner and my mom’s side for dessert. For all you ‘left brain’ people, I hope I haven’t lost you yet because I know the math isn’t right. That’s still one Thanksgiving a year.

The second one comes the day after. My parents are both one of five children so both sides of my family are big. However, my dad’s side is italian so in reality… it’s massive. Because there are a lot of families on my dad’s side and a lot of cousins and second cousins and close family friends, we all get together the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy a second Thanksgiving where we eat leftovers. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this event has become so hectic and popular we have started to have to make new food on the second day. And then, like most families, we mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the four to five following days of remaining leftovers. Each and every one of which, I will enjoy.

Ivan O. Cordero: Ivan’s Thanksgiving Dinner
Every Thanksgiving we have dinner usually at my Mom and Dad’s in Springfield, sometimes at my sisters in Ludlow. I pick up my grandmother, Abuela Julia, and bring her over for dinner. My brothers David, Roy, and my sister Lisa come over. Lisa’s two kids (my nephew’s) Peter and Connor come over too. My brother, Orlando and I, usually end up trying to avoid preparing anything for the day because we’re lazy. But that’s usually impossible and we have to go get some rolls, or dessert, or prepare the table or something.

My mother makes the majority of the food, but my dad helps and makes a lot of stuff too. Being the picky eater that I am, I usually go thanksgiving without eating too much. My mom will have all this turkey, pork, rice and beans, potato salad, pasteles (food made of plantain bananas grinded up with meat and stuff that boiled, my mom makes it a lot and everyone loves it) and a lot of other stuff too that I don’t even know. I usually eat something quick before dinner since I don’t each much. I’ll sit at the table and chill with the family at dinner but I usually will only end up eating a bread roll, and a couple pastelillos. What’s pastelillos? It’s Spanish and I don’t know what it’s called in English. But it is like this fried turnover thing, made with dough and with meat in the inside. It’s delicious, and that is really the only Spanish food/Thanksgiving food I eat.

So on Thanksgiving it is nice to be home and see all of us get together, friends and family, and be thankful for everything we have. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Bailout Will the Baker

Let’s make up a story. I recently read that keeping your mind active and thinking is a great way to decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s, so maybe this will help give us a head start.

Let’s pretend I open a bakery called Will’s Bakery (what a nice ring) and I sell cookies, cakes, muffins and all kinds of goodies. For all intensive purposes let’s pretend I open up my first bakery in North Adams and I’m the only baker in town. Well all these North Adams people start buying my baked goods for a while and it doesn’t take them long to realize… Will’s a horrible baker. His cookies taste like baking soda, his muffins are stale and his cakes are dryer than a bad case of eczema. Unfortunately for the people of North Adams, my atrocious bakery is the only one in town and all these families need to blow out their birthday candles on something. So I make a little money.
Now I’m feeling loved since I’m still making a buck so I expand my business and open up shops in all sorts of cities and towns throughout New England. Sadly it doesn’t take long for people to figure out that my baking skills are non-existent so I start losing business. Over the course of a few months of bad business, I’m nearing bankruptcy. Bummer.. I really thought I had a chance of making the baking big time. And then it hit me. I can still keep my bakery alive if I walk door to door asking strangers for money. Talk about the power of thinking big!

So let’s now pretend I’m walking to your door and we’re total strangers. I explain to you my business is failing and I need… I dunno… let’s estimate 25 billion dollars over the next five months to sustain it. I then, with little pressure, explain that you won’t have to pay for it on your own… you can share the load with all the other people I can rally to my cause. And we’ll even have payment plans so that you only have to donate a little bit of your paycheck at a time. Wait a minute Will… you’re getting ahead of yourself. No one wants to eat your shitty cupcakes in the first place… why would anyone be willing to give you money to make more? I guess they wouldn’t.

Okay let’s end this chapter of the story because it sucks. If GM, Ford, and Chrysler can’t make cars people want to buy and their business is failing, why is it the responsibility of people who pay taxes to keep it afloat? Isn’t our economy supposed to be in a bad state? Why is surrendering even more of the little money we have to a terminally ill business a good investment? Surely when those companies go under, they’ll be replaced. There’s gotta be a better baker out there than Will Cimino. Let’s save 25 billion dollars and meet him sooner than later.

Pleading the Fifth [by Alicia]

Alicia has been freaking out about this video all week. It’s a lecture from Professor James Duane about why you should never talk to the police. It’s pretty interesting, but I don’t talk to the police anyway. I’m a “good kid.” – Ange

Hi. Yes. Never, ever talk to the police. Why talk to the police? – it can NEVER help you, only hurt you. Don’t answer questions, if you’re innocent, if you’re guilty – don’t talk to the police. Don’t do it.

The only time I talk to cops is to say “get that flashlight out of my face, PIG.”

No, just kidding. Actually, I had a very positive experience with a cop last night on my drive home from work. My office is 22.6 miles from my house. During the day, I can make the drive in 28 minutes. At night, I can do it in 23 (my best time).

I got pulled over for doing 43 in a 25. OK, it’s 12:30 at night, there’s no one in that school zone.
Of course, I had this whole James Duane lecture on my mind, so I’m like “I’m not tellin this guy ANYTHING.”

But, to my delight, the cop was young and tall and kind of cute. Totally shaved head, like Patrick Stewart (who I also think is hot).

So at first this guy is trying to act all tough, but I’m just so damn sweet to cops he couldn’t play for long.

He asked me where I was coming from, I told him my job. He asked where I worked, I told him. He asked me when I’d gotten out. Hmmm …

Me: I don’t know, like, a half-hour ago? (19 minutes.)
Officer 6’1″: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: Noo … (cell phone makes doorbell noise – a text!)
Officer: I clocked you at 43 in a 25.
Me: (Big smile) I .. iiiii …. A. I didn’t realize it was a 25, I thought it was 35, and B. I thought I was only doing 40. (Smile)
Suddenly-Not-So-Authoritative: (Poorly repressed smile) OK, well .. (glances at my license) OK, just sit tight, Miss Bunt, I’ll be right back.

(8 or so minutes pass. I text everyone I know telling them I’m about to get a warning.)

Officer Can’t-Stop-Smiling: How do you feel about warnings?
Me: I love them – and I love cops who give them to me! (big smile, with teeth)
Officer Crew-Neck-Sweater: Well, you’ll like this. I’m gonna save you $180. .. Now, so you know, I always work this shift, so I’ll be watchin’ for you.
Me: Well, I always drive home at this time, so I’ll look out for you.
Officer Trying-To-Find-A-Way-To-Prolong-This-Conversation: Well, OK. You should slow down, though, Miss Bunt. (smile)
Me: I will, officer, I promise.
Officer Semi: OK. Have a good night.
Me: You too! (parting smile)
(I stuff the warning in my glove compartment with all the others and drive away. Cue the music)

I may have left out a smile or an eyelash-bat here or there, but that’s what happened.

BUT. If this guy had asked me any questions, inquired what was in my glove compartment … Well, just watch the vid.

Everything I know lately I’ve learned from the Howard Stern Show [by Rochelle]

My kids know, my mother knows, most of my co-workers know. I am addicted to The Howard Stern Show. Not such a big deal except I am a 53 year old, middle class female. Now don’t get me wrong, I can live without the bits that involve strippers and hookers but to be honest they are not that frequent and that’s always a good time to actually shower and get ready for work. Oh, who am I kidding? I bring the speaker into the bathroom with me so I don’t miss even a second of the show. I even listen to the wrap up show and repeats on the weekends to catch what I missed when I was at work.

The Stern show is my soap opera. I know all the characters and their problems. Artie relapsed and started doing heroin again but he went to rehab and is clean now. He is FINALLY seeing a therapist. We all hope he and Dana will get back together but there is the dog issue… Howard and Beth got married recently after being together eight years. Howard swears he won’t have anymore kids but he swore he wouldn’t get married again so…. Sal is still married but miserable, Ralph is single and won’t take a lie detector test to prove he isn’t a thief, Richard will do “gay” things to be entertaining for the show but swears he isn’t gay, and so on and so forth….Gary, and Robin, and Fred, and the Wack Pack, and all the others. I need to know who did what over vacation, I need to hear about the wedding and what Sal and Lisa did since they weren’t invited.

See, it isn’t just naked women and gross stuff. It is stories and humor and drama and craziness of everyday life, in a life that I am not part of but I know ALL about.

Sometimes I think Howard is an ass because he has some really old fashioned ideas (for real!) but the man is a genious for what he has created.

Some nights the TV never gets turned on and my husband and I just lay in bed listening to the Stern show AGAIN. Like watching a rerun of a favorite show.
I wonder if Howard would be surprised if he knew.

Roe V. Wade & some closing thoughts [by Rochelle]

I thought a lot about what I wanted to say about this last debate. It was clearly the best one. Surely, on that we ALL agree.

We Bunts have clearly been Obama supporters. I hope everyone realizes that we can’t help but be sarcastic… it’s in our blood. We poke fun and joke even when things are deadly serious. Quite irritating at times. This is the most political we have ever been and I am really thrilled to have my girls so active and involved.

That being said, I am going to TRY to be serious this time because I am really concerned. For real!
Roe vs. Wade

So I was in high school in the 70’s when Roe V Wade passed. THANK GOD!!! I seriously went with several friends to clinics in NYC because there were none on LI. Doctors didn’t deal with this issue, parents were not so open minded, and everyone had to lie and sneak around. This was AFTER Roe v Wade… so you can imagine what it was like before. This was in middle class, white America. I realize it is 35 years later but the very idea that we would turn back the clock and take away a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body is absurd. I can’t even imagine any female accepting it.

I realize McCain feels it should be a state’s decision and that Massachusetts is a liberal state so we are pretty much “safe” but I object to that idea. No state, no person, no one should be making that CHOICE for a woman.

Another thing that pisses me off. I have many friends and relatives who are ‘Pro-Life’. I respect that and have no issue with it. I understand why they feel the way they do and won’t even argue the point since I feel this is THEIR CHOICE.

I AM PRO-CHOICE NOT PRO-ABORTION! I do not even know anyone who is pro-abortion.

Okay.. I’m done.

I’ll have the “change sandwich” [by Will]

Obama has a significant lead over McCain and as long as he remained dishonest in the debate he would remain in the lead. And by saying “as long as he remained dishonest” I mean as long as he continued to try and hide the fact that he’s a socialist. Mission accomplished! Although he let his socialism slip in the news story with the ever famous “Joe the Plumber.” I’d like to say I’m shocked that this didn’t turn a light on over everyone’s head, but I’m not shocked. The media loves Obama so much he could say anything and they’d back him up.

I truly believe, beyond ANY reasonable doubt, that if you switched everything Obama said with what McCain said in the debate, 95% of Obama fans wouldn’t even notice. They’d be praising him. I whole heartedly believe that. And I don’t say that with the intention of insulting the intelligence of Obama fans. (Sort of). I was watching the pre-debate coverage on MSNBC and it was among the dumbest I’ve ever seen. At one point someone was asked what the biggest issue in this election is and someone said “Race.” His reasoning? He said it was because if this election only involved people under 45, Obama would win by a landslide…
Let me get this straight. If you’re over 45, you’re not voting for Obama because you don’t trust black people, and if you’re under 45 you’re OBVIOUSLY voting for Obama because you’re enlightened enough to know he’s the only REAL candidate here when you’re not blinded by the color of skin. Gotcha. Thank you MSNBC and Obama supporters. This just about sums up the following Obama has. Time for an analogy: Most Obama supporters are like starving gluttons lined up in a row ready for Obama to feed them a ‘CHANGE sandwich.’ For six months they high five each other and stuff themselves with this ‘change sandwich’ until next year comes around. By now they’ve been eating so fast and for so long that they finally take a moment to look down and notice what they’re really eating. A poop sandwich of deception, socialism, drizzled with a low-fat ‘friendly demeanor’ sauce. Oh that’s why it tasted so good.

Come Togetherrrrr right now….over me (& Obama) [by Jackie]

I am going to give a little overview of the last presidential debate from my perspective. At 8:53 PM I knew I only had a couple of minutes to make my getaway.

I showed up at the Ely Lounge to meet up with my Political Communication class. The debate started at 9:00, but the gym was only opened until 10! What to do, what to do?! So I decided it was in everyone’s best interest for me to sneak down to the gym right before the debate started and then come back up about 45 minutes in. So after my 2 mile run I headed back up. I had to be kinda secretive so my professor didn’t notice. Oh wait..I hope he isn’t reading this…

I sat down just in time. McCain was all, ” Well I didn’t like some of the things that were yelled at your rallies Senator Obama. In fact some t-shirts were made that just aren’t acceptable!” Woah what did I walk in on? This was intense! I was all hot and sweaty, or maybe that was from the run? I did feel bad for both of them. I mean whatever I know they are running for president and they have all this money and who cares about their feelings, but you could really tell that they were both hurt about things that had been said.

Obama wants everyone, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Aliens and whomever else to come together! He believes that in order to solve two wars, get out of this horrible financial crisis, and get more jobs and other good stuff we need to all work together or else we won’t be any better off. Obama is trying to get down to business and then McCain comes out with this Acorn issue. So annoying. Acorn is a community organization that apparently diddled around with some votes, paid people to go register false votes they made up names and what not.. I don’t know the exact details but I do know that Obama didn’t have anything to do with it!

I won’t go over the whole debate, Angela and Alicia have really covered it. I just wrote down some random notes while watching it which I will now go over:

McCain: Blinks a lot. — likes the word “cockamamie”
Obama: Nice smile.— Wants more fuel-efficient cars. $4,000 tuition credit to college students in exchange for community service/peace core/ other stuff. I LIKE IT!

Let’s try this one last time [by Angela]

For the last debate of the election, filmed at Hofstra University (what up Long Islanddd!), me and my fellow Political Comm. students hung out in the Ely Lounge at Westfield State College to watch. It’s important that I mention snacks were provided and that this kid was eating nachos chock full of salsa, fake yellow cheese and sour cream. Ew. Anybody who knows me knows that sour cream is the bane of my existence. *Shudders*

I sat next to my lovely roommate Katie and my fellow blogger Alex Ross of Box-o-Thoughts fame.

Bob Schieffer was the moderator for the evening. I liked the setup of the debate – for those who didn’t watch, the candidates and the moderator shared a small round table. It added an element of intensity and the candidates were forced to interact. And because of the sweet split screen, I was forced to watch McCain blink and grimace endlessly.

The first question asked dealt with Wall Street and the economic crisis.
McCain answers first, and apparently I’m fucking pissed.
“Americans are hurting right now, and they’re angry. They’re hurting, and they’re angry. They’re innocent victims of greed and excess on Wall Street and as well as Washington, D.C. And they’re angry, and they have every reason to be angry.”

“Now, we have allocated $750 billion. Let’s take 300 of that billion and go in and buy those home loan mortgages and negotiate with those people in their homes, 11 million homes or more, so that they can afford to pay the mortgage, stay in their home.”

Obama answers by reminding us for the 100th time that we are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
“Number one, let’s focus on jobs. I want to end the tax breaks for companies that are shipping jobs overseas and provide a tax credit for every company that’s creating a job right here in America. Number two, let’s help families right away by providing them a tax cut — a middle-class tax cut for people making less than $200,000, and let’s allow them to access their IRA accounts without penalty if they’re experiencing a crisis.”

They start talking about taxes…
Who’s Joe? McCain is stuttering about small business taxes and Joe the Plumber’s American dream. Did I miss something?
Obama – Tax cut for 95% of Americans
McCain – Wants Joe the Plumber to act as a type of Robin Hood? I’m confused…

*McCain is lookin’ smug, the crowd at Ely Lounge is feelin’ the vibe and getting into it. Some clapping, laughter, and hoots. YEA BOI!*

What’s with the phrase, “…countries that don’t like us very much.” I’ve heard it said by McCain at least three times over the course of the debates. Is that a technical term or just a nice way of saying “… countries that want to bomb our asses”?

Quote about hatchet & scalpel

McCain is verbally flopping around in Obama’s old metaphors.

Q. Balance budget in four years?
McCain insists that he is NOT George Bush*. Well, everyone knows that the best way to get people to not think you’re a certain way is to vehemently deny it. Like when you’re at a party and the slutty girl keeps drunkenly saying “Look, I’m not a slut. I’m really not. But I just gave dome to like, three guys…”

*Who’s George Bush?

McCain still insisting Americans are angry. DON’T TELL ME HOW I FEEL! GOD JOHN YOU’RE ALWAYS TRYING TO CONTROL ME!!!
Obama flashing pearly whites whilst defending himself as a person with a history of “reaching across the aisle.”

Obama: “Now, you’ve shown independence — commendable independence, on some key issues like torture, for example, and I give you enormous credit for that. But when it comes to economic policies, essentially what you’re proposing is eight more years of the same thing. And it hasn’t worked. And I think the American people understand it hasn’t worked. We need to move in a new direction.”

McCain: But it’s very clear that I have disagreed with the Bush administration. I have disagreed with leaders of my own party. I’ve got the scars to prove it.” (Take my scars…take my scars…)*
“Whether it be bringing climate change to the floor of the Senate for the first time. Whether it be opposition to spending and earmarks, whether it be the issue of torture, whether it be the conduct of the war in Iraq, which I vigorously opposed. Whether it be on fighting the pharmaceutical companies on Medicare prescription drugs, importation. Whether it be fighting for an HMO patient’s bill of rights. Whether it be the establishment of the 9/11 Commission.”

*It’s a reference to “The Craft,” people.

The debate starts to get feisty when Schieffer brings up the parties’ campaign tactics. Obama and McCain start writing furiously and it’s at this point that I notice Obama is left-handed! (Like me!) McCain brings up some dude named John Lewis. Apparently he was talking shit about McCain and Palin, and Obama never “repudiated” his comments.

I have two questions. McCain – if you’re pissed that Obama didn’t “repudiate” Lewis’s comments, why didn’t you “repudiate” the comments made by that racist dude at Palin’s rally?

Also, what does repudiate mean?

Obama said that 2/3rds of voters feel McCain is running a negative campaign. He also said that 100% of McCain’s ads are negative. What struck me as funny is that McCain thinks the commercial dissing his economic plan is a “negative” ad, or, personally insulting. How in the hell is providing a different idea or perspective insulting? It’s called informing the public, bitch-ass.

Why is everyone using the word vigorous now? Vigorous this vigorous that. I vigorously reputiated Joe the Plumber’s pork-barrel spending.

The biggest laugh of the evening came after the two candidates began talking about their VP choices.

McCain, “Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin.” DONE.
(At this point my teacher pointed out that the reaction line of undecided Ohio male voters rose while women remained neutral. Sarah Palin is hott!)

OK, so McCain is left-handed too. Boo.

The two candidates are going back and forth rehashing their policies, their arguments against the other person’s policies, and repeating the same metaphors and one-liners. The only thing making this interesting is the potential anger-induced stroke I’m waiting for McCain to have.

I’m not sure what question was asked or anything, but Obama says “we can’t drill ourselves out of the problem.” He starts talking about his energy plan…

McCain tweaks and freaks out saying we must drill now! What a dumbass. HOW LONG CAN WE DRILL FOR UNTIL WE HAVE NO OIL LEFT? THAT ISN’T GOING TO HELP ANYTHING IN THE LONG-TERM!

McCain- crazily angrily grinning
Obama- post-BJ calmness. Michelle are you hiding under that table?

“Would you favor controlling health care costs over expanding coverage?”
Obama discusses his health care plan and the uncommitted Ohio voters like it!
Both candidates talk about obesity in young children. Alex leans over to me and says, “I had a fitness program. It was called P.O.W. camp!” Hehehe.

The overturning of Roe V. Wade-
Q. “Could either of you ever nominate someone to the Supreme Court who disagrees with you on this issue?”


McCain: “I will find the best people in the world — in the United States of America who have a history of strict adherence to the Constitution. And not legislating from the bench.” “I would consider anyone in their qualifications. I do not believe that someone who has supported Roe v. Wade that would be part of those qualifications. But I certainly would not impose any litmus test.”

Obama: ” I think it’s true that we shouldn’t apply a strict litmus test and the most important thing in any judge is their capacity to provide fairness and justice to the American people.” “Now I would not provide a litmus test. But I am somebody who believes that Roe versus Wade was rightly decided. I think that abortion is a very difficult issue and it is a moral issue and one that I think good people on both sides can disagree on.”

McCain is flustered by even the mention of late-term abortions. OK gramma!
I think Obama handled the topic of abortion well. He kept trying to keep shit neutral by saying it’s a tough decision on both sides and that the most important thing is working together to prevent unintended pregnancies. Well played.

OH and did anybody hear McCain say, “Let me talk to you about an important aspect of this issue. We have to change the culture of America. Those of us who are proudly pro-life understand that.” UHHHHH, what kind of bullshit is that?!

Obama wants to hire an “army of new teachers.” Soo, not jaded ones? He does make a good point when saying that in order to improve a child’s education it needs to come from the PARENTS! I bet Mama Rochelle, an ex-middle school teacher, said hallelujah to that. Even the audience in Ely clapped.

McCain is all about the charter schools, something Obama also supports. But aren’t charter schools expensive? What if some families can’t afford to send their kids there?
“And we have to be able to give parents the same choice, frankly, that Sen. Obama and Mrs. Obama had and Cindy and I had to send our kids to the school — their kids to the school of their choice.”

So ridic! First of all, “school choice” only works if you live in an area where there IS a choice.

Final Statements
The two candidates make their final statements, which are basically one-liners and recycled cliches strung together to form a paragraph of lies. Wow, I’m jaded.

McCain: “I have a record!”
Obama: “Fundamental change!”
Me: “*Snores*”