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Bunt Family Stream-of-Conscious Oscar 2013 Recap

I listened to the red carpet pre-show while pulling the gizzards out of my chicken and prepping it for the oven. No, seriously. How come the hosts always refer to the evening of the Oscar’s as “a magical night in history” and “one of the most eventful evenings in our lives?” I’m not winning any awards, I’m not brushing elbows with George Clooney’s Beard, I’m not dating that awkward guy onstage handing celebrities their awards and ushering them offstage.

The Ladies Bunt Review Les Misérables the Movie

I have been obsessed with Les Misérables, the musical based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel, since the 6th grade. It was the year that Jackie and I had a math teacher who devoted an entire unit to teaching us the musical, based on life in 19th Century France and all of the miserable people who lived during it. We instantly became obsessed. This is the only time in my life I have ever gotten an A in math.

Bob Ross Has a Coke Nail

While I can’t paint a picture to save my life — hell, I can’t even polish my nails without inadvertently shellacking my fingertips — I can’t get enough of Bob Ross and his almighty trees living in his happy little world made up of titanium white and van dyke brown. That is, until I spotted his Coke Nail.