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Lights out, bitches

So I used to work with this down-ass editor at The Berkshire Eagle named Matt Martinelli. Last winter, he conceived of the idea that we should all turn our lights off to save energy. I KNOW, right? Ridiculous. Conserving energy.

The idea was that businesses would turn off their lights during peak sunlight hours – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. – every day, thus utilizing energy and saving money. Companies save cash and resources, we save the planet. Everyone wins! I thought it was pretty damn good idea.

Cut to a year later. Matt’s got a nonprofit called Lights Out, Green In, of which he’s executive director. He also has a wayyy better gig than working at The Eagle – he’s now living in Boston and working at the Boston Herald. We miss you, Mateo!

My ex-boyfriend and friend (thank god because I would die without his support in the newsroom) Chris Carlson is also on the board of LOGI. He was a founding member. I gotta give these guys props, because when they’re mad famous in a few years, we’ll be able to say we gave them press in the beginning.

So don’t be an id – support them and support your planet. Buntology does!

LOGI also helps provide fluorescent light bulbs to low-income folks. That way, poor people can also help save the planet.

Adams: Cooler than North Adams?

… Yes. Here’s the scoop, readers.

Angela and Jackie and I found ourselves locked out of a favorite Pittsfield dive bar Friday night. It was 12:45; what to do? So I rang up a coworker from my day job, The Berkshire Eagle, and friend of Buntology Mike Foster. Mike is a very down guy.

We found ourselves at the Grille, a little bar on Summer Street in Adams. The beers were cheap and the boys were cool – why didn’t we know about this place before?

Ward 3A & a Van Ride from Hell

Election day is finally here! I woke up at 9:00 AM with butterflies in my stomach. It felt like Christmas morning, except at the end of this day I might kill myself or move to another country. It all depends on the polls baby! (Helllloooo Sweden! – Angela)

At 9:45 AM my Political Communication class met together outside of the Ely Building and piled into an “alleged” 15 person van. It was quite stuffy and with all the moving around and opening and closing of doors I saw one too many butt cracks. Nothing is wrong with a butt crack every once in a while but it was way too early.

We were headed to the different voting wards in Westfield to hand out surveys to voters. As soon as I sat down and buckled in, my T.S.D. (Temperature Sensitivity Disorder) started acting up. Angela complained of the temperature as well and of it smelling like bodies. My roommate Caity sat between us and controlled the digital camera.

“I feel like I’m on a road trip, only in a van filled with strangers who breathe heavy.” – Angela

Angela and I were loud and acting a little obnoxious. Well I was acting a little obnoxious. We sat
in the way back and Angela kept flailing around because a fly was buzzing around her. (I hate flies because they never know when to fuck off. Listen fly, I don’t have any problem with you if you don’t have any problem with me. But just stay in your turf and stop buzzing around.) She kept
trying to hit it with a clipboard but it wasn’t working. When it finally flew up towards the front of the van Angela started laughing and yelled to the other students, “Ha ha now you can deal with it!” They had no clue what was going on. (Those bastards.)

Sadly, Angela and I were separated and I was sent off to some school with my friend and fellow classmate, Jay. We surveyed some pretty crazy people! It was a lot of fun. I talked to a Vietnam Vet who was racing around in his scooter with a huge sign on the back of it saying GO VOTE. He seemed a little loopy, but I do know that he voted for Obama. When we first arrived at Ward 3A a cop came out telling us we had to be 150 ft. away from the premises or some crap. In actuality we could stay right in the front, even go in the building as long as we weren’t promoting or trying to sway anyone’s votes. We were simply handing out surveys. I didn’t want to fight with a cop so I crossed the street. I did get the cop to fill out a survey though and he was the man. He told me he thought there shouldn’t be dog racing and that weed should be legalized completely! I hope this guy pulls me over sometime.

Another guy who seemed to have lost his marbles found his way over to Jay and I. He said he voted for Obama because he wanted to vote for the person who was less smart…uhhh so that was weird. There was a toothless guy who talked to us about his Hockey interests and I am pretty sure he was a McCain fan. The best part of the ward was probably when a really cute dog came walking by and hung out for a few minutes.

(Meanwhile, Caity and I were at ward… 2B? It was pretty exciting, except I felt like a big newb. With the help of our teach’ we gave out surveys. All of the “old people” loved me when I asked if they were first time voters. People were mostly nice, and because my prof was kind enough to find volunteers for us we avoided the awkwardness of being shut-downnnn by those who didn’t want to be surveyed.

One of the last people I polled was an older gentleman. I asked him if he felt informed about health care and he said something to the effect of, “well, I’m just getting ready to die anyway…” Aren’t we all?)

Thanks to (Doctor) Professor Tom Gardner for taking the photographs of survey takers/survey givers in action!

Game 5 Rally, Riots [by Ivan]

WESTFIELD – In Major League Baseball Thursday night, Game 5 in the series for the American League pennant took place with the Red Sox facing the Tampa Bay Rays. And it was a Thirsty Thursday at Westfield State, so of course people were raging. Again for Red Sox fans, it was a wild one: As soon as the Sox won, the campus went nuts.

The Sox were down 3-1 in the series, facing elimination.

Although I was really hammered, I do know that they won that game. As midnight approached, the game was reaching late innings, and Boston started to rally. Even though the team faced a 7-0 deficit and was on the verge of being eliminated, Sox fans still had faith.

In the bottom of the seventh Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir was relieved, and the Sox began to rally. A homer from Big Papi brought the game within 3 runs. Then in the bottom of the eighth, the Sox would rally again, with a homer by J.D. Drew and a single by Coco Crisp. With three more runs in the eight, it was now a tie ball game!

In the end the Sox, would pull it off, in one of the greatest comebacks in postseason history. The ninth inning began with Kevin Youkilis getting on base from an infield error by Evan Longoria. Boston was now in scoring position. After walking Jason Bay, the Rays faced Drew again. And again he pulled it off, with a line drive blast to deep right. It was a ground-rule double, Youkilis scores, and the Red Sox win.

It happened at 12:16 am, exactly 5 years (to the minute exactly … freaky) after the infamous walk-off blast from Aaron Boone in the 2003 ALCS. For those of you who do not know… it was the Red Sox and the Yankees that played in one of the greatest AL Pennant games. That year, the Yankees came back to win and go to the World Series. Leaving the Sox fans saddened again for another year.

Lots of Westodians ran outside and were cheering “J.D. Drew,” “Fuck the Yankees,” “Let’s go Sox,” among other things. The Sox didn’t win the pennant or the World Series [yet], but hey, it was something to do. Why not run out there and rage on with the mob of students?

So now what?
It still isn’t over. It wasn’t even a clinching game for Boston. Now they have to go to St. Petersburg, Fla., for the rest of the series.

But hey, why not riot anyways?

The Sox go on to Game 6 of the American League Championship series at 8:07 tonight, Oct. 18. James Shields will get the start for Tampa, as Josh Beckett starts for Boston. Stay tuned to buntology for the results and other game news.

Party on Pearl Street [by Ivan]

NORTHAMPTON – Man Man, a rock band from Philly, came to Western Mass. last night, and of course it was a groovin’ time.

Ange, Alicia, Jacqueline, Tim “T-Ratt” Rattelle, Matt Minski, his lady, Jess, and his friend Zach and myself all made the trip over to the Pearl Street Ballroom in Noho (That’s Northampton, Mass., for you out-of-staters – Alicia). After listening to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” over and over, Man Man finally came to the stage … in their trademark fashions of white clothes and face paint.

Which reminds me, these kids offered me and Alicia white face paint, which we put on. Critter Crat (I think) came out with a red mask on. Me and Alicia and Ange got an awesome spot all the way up in front of the stage.

The band kicked things off with some songs from Rabbit Habits. They played Easy Eats, which Alicia wanted to hear wicked bad (Uh yeah, it had been my away message on AIM for like a week). They played a long set, mixing it up from songs from all 3 of their albums.

Later on, Pow Pow jumped up playing the drums and the noisemakers with Honus Honus, and I immediately knew… it was Black Mission Goggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then freaked out. (That’s Ivan’s jam.) They played sooo many good songs. At the end they finished off playing Young Einstein on the Beach, Engrish Bwudd, and Poor Jackie (I was off with my SISTER Jackie when the song came on, and I lovingly crooned every verse to her. She really seemed to enjoy it!). I was also pumped to hear Gold Teeth, which was pretty siqqq!!! They did not play one of my faves though, Push the Eagle’s Stomach, but whatevs.

Anyways Honus Honus, while playing Engrish Bwudd, decided to use Ange’s head as a percussion instrument, which was sweet! Haha no … but he did touch her head

I kinda wish I hadn’t been so fucked up on Jim Beam, because I know they played shit from The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face, but I can’t remember which songs exactly they played. There was so much wilin’ out and raging for such an amazing show. It was one of the greatest shows, if not The Greatest, that I’ve ever been to.

When you’re listening to Man Man, you just go wild. If you get a chance to see Man Man, definitely do it. If they do come around near you, let me know so I can also go. If they play near you and you don’t go, then also let me know so I can throw a baseball bat at you.

Man Man…Oh man…

On Saturday night the girls and I went to a Man Man concert. Man Man? Huh? What the heck is that? I bet that is what a lot of you are thinking. (They are the sickest band ever. – Angela) I was thinking the same thing only two weeks ago. I only agreed to go because the girls peer pressured me, and a bunch of the Westy crew was going. After I bought the ticket I listened to a few of their songs. I really got to learn what they were all about on a long car ride home the other week. Ivan was driving and Angela sat shotgun and for over an hour and a half I was immersed in the sounds of Man Man along with the screaming/singing and dancing coming from the front seats. I wanted to kill myself. I kinda enjoyed it. The band was definitely talented and learning the songs got me pretty excited for the concert.


We headed to Pearl Street in Northampton at around 9:00 pm. There was a good amount of people there. I don’t know if like there was a dress code that I didn’t know about but almost everyone was wearing stripes and hoodies. (It’s called the cool hipster casual look.) Stripes or not, everyone seemed really nice and pumped up for the show. When the concert started everyone made their way up through the crowds and mashed themselves into the front moshing area. I however knew right away this was not where I wanted to be. I would rather be on the sidelines takin it allll in. (I was raging in the front with Alicia and Ivan.) (And at one point i had white war paint on, like the band members, but in the hot sweaty clusterfuck it rubbed off. Probably for the best. – Alicia) Plus who else would get vids and pics for buntology? Buntology always comes first in my book!

An hour into the show Alicia’s drunken self came stumbling out of the mosh. She was a sight to

be seen! Drenched in sweat, covered in bruises, barely standing… Wow I was so glad I wasn’t stuck in that clusterfuck of a moshpit. I didn’t get to see much more of the concert after that because my job then consisted of holding Alicia up, finding and feeding her water, and dressing her wounds. (Hahahaha.) (Listen, it was fine, I was fine. I got a little beaten up, but like for me, that was very hardcore. Ange and Ivan said it wasn’t even a real mosh!)

After she got herself together…well somewhat together, we hung around the merchandise area. We made a new friend. Mark. Mark the tall boy from Amish land Virgina. I think? He was a nice guy, we plugged Buntology for a little while with him. (You scarred him for life.) (We did NOT scar him for life; as Jackie was hauling me outside, he called for me by NAME. Like, “Alicia, where are you going?” I think he may have been enticed by my fresh good looks. See picture at right.) The concert ended and Angela came running outside screaming about meeting the main singer or something. (Uhh, he touched my cheek during a song and he hugged me and thanked me for singing along!) (So jealous. Honus Honus stroked Angela’s cheek! The only thing of mine that got stroked was my head, with Jackie’s palm. And by stroked I mean smacked.) I was like texting and ready to leave at that point so who knows.

Looking back on the concert now I give the “Man Man” a thumbs up and maybe a 3.7 out of 5. (Dude, why did we have Jackie write this review? She doesn’t even like the band!) ( Judge for yourself, readers: For your enjoyment … MAN MAN!! (Honus Honus is the dark-haired gentleman bobbin his head in the front. He’s the one who caressed Ange.) I don’t know what that scale represents really but I just wanna throw some numbers out at ya. If you are looking to rage it out and dance around like a sweaty mongrel go see Man Man! (Well, I guess that’s true.)