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Sweepstakes Addictions


I have always been a big sweepstakes, contests, can-collecting, and picking-pennies-off-the-ground kinda girl. I am not ashamed to pick up a recyclable or any loose change left on the floor somewhere. As of right now, I actually have more than$100 in my piggy bank.

As a young’n I used to win coloring contests and gift giveaways all the time. After spending lots of money on scratch tickets and lottery tickets I feel like the magic has somewhat worn off, but I still think that maybe one day I will hit the jackpot.

planet stifled [by rochelle]


Last summer my darling daughter, Angela, worked for Planet Fitness. Let’s just say she was treated poorly. OK, let’s just say, they treated her like crap and the Bunt family swore they would never set foot inside their establishment.

(THEY FIRED ME FOR WEARING SANDALS! Alright, so they made me leave because I didn’t have sneakers on (they weren’t even officially open yet), and instead of going to a nearby TJ Maxx I went to a nearby 99 and got drunk. Then went back to PF to use their tanning booth. Employee discount, holler! – Angela)
Mess with one of us and you earn the wrath of us all.
Fast forward to April 5.

Addiction: Not being unemployed

My beat is supposed to be about addictions. So here’s a new one. My job.

Let’s define, shall we? Addictions are little forces of nature which control your entire personality. Whether it’s the alcohol making you feel more confident, the pot making you more intellectual or the cigarettes making you less anxious, addictions are all the same. They control you.
Well, earlier this week, I thought I was about to go cold turkey. I thought I was out of a job.

Alicia’s work-out plan

This is what I look like in real life.

There’s nothing I hate more than exercise.

People laugh when I tell them this. They think I’m kidding. But I do not exercise at all. I’m in terrible shape. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t take any work-out classes, I don’t hike or walk my dog or kickbox or use the stairs if I can avoid it. I don’t even really like walking.

My idea of physical activity is tackling my front steps after a long Saturday night. So imagine my horror at realizing my Fitness for Life class is not a lecture session but – oh god! – a fitness class.

Jackie’s Wild and Crazy Spring Break


Spring Break 09′ baby! It was one for the books. I started off the week by taking it easy– I had developed a tiny cough and wanted to sleep it off. The cough then developed into a horrible flu, phlegm, chills and cold disease. The rest of the vacation consisted of tissues up the nose (a Bunt girl classic…I mean, just kidding! – Angela), Game Show Network (channel 409 on Time Warner Cable) and a lot of Nyquil.

Memories of Lillybell


Not too many people even knew we had a third cat, but a few months after we first got our beautiful calico, Jasmine, who died this past October, we adopted another kitten and named her Lilly.

As people will do with their pets, we gave her a nickname and she became Lillybell. Lilly was not like Jasmine. She did not run to greet visitors and was often hard to catch if you wanted to cuddle with her. For this reason many who will hear of her death this week will not feel the same sadness they did when they heard about Jasmine.

I dare say that even the Bunt girls don’t feel this loss quite the same as Rod and I do.