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From the Womb to the Workplace

A: People always ask me what it’s like working with my mom. The truth is, I’ve been following this woman around for her entire professional career.

It's hard not to be the envy of your coworkers when you get a homemade lunch from dad, and a mom around to cut it for you.

When she was a waitress I was a hungry customer. When she was a teacher I was a student in her school (I still remember the first time I got office detention, I walked into the room it was being held and– surprise– there was my mother watching over the other offending students.) Even when she quit teaching and found work in a crunchy little grocery store, I managed to pick up an odd job that would allow me to walk over and annoy ol’ mommo. 

R: I work with my daughter. Years ago I was a teacher in the same school she attended, so it isn’t all that unusual to share space with her in a “professional” atmosphere. Oh sure, she used to come to my classroom to see if I had candy when she was supposed to be going to the bathroom but that was hardly criminal. 

Happy International Women’s Day! Psst, Do You Have a Tampon?

It’s International Women’s Day! And rather than burning our bras (Victoria’s Secret is not cheap), I thought Buntology could open up the forum to all our wonderful female readers and encourage them to share what they love about our gender.

For me, it’s the fact that women are able to be so personal with one another even if they are complete strangers. I think this idea is best exemplified by the “Drunk girls in public bathrooms” encounter. I can’t count the number of times I have bonded with women I had just met over boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, boobs, tampons, skin color (that was a funny one), all in the comfort of a graffiti-ridden bathroom.

A Learning, Albeit Scarring, Experience

Once a year I actually get to see my primary care physician. I think it is some kind of law otherwise I doubt I would even know what he looks like.

This year I was all

prepared with a years worth of inquiries and observations about my aging body all written down lest I forget something. Failing memory was at the top of the list.

My doctor is young, cute, and as luck would have it, very professional. My fantasy of a Lifetime movie based on an inappropriate dalliance was quickly squashed.

After the usual flirting (OK, he asked me if I had any problems, complaints, questions) I reminded him of the small pimple/bump between my nose and eye that was preventing me from being a super model. I had pointed this out to him the year before but he said that removing it would cause a scar that might be more unflattering than the bump.

This year I wasn’t having any of that.

Customer Service Week: ‘Thank You for Calling, How May I Help You?’


Customer Service Week is a national event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service, and honoring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism.
Each year thousands of companies across the United States and around the world celebrate Customer Service Week. They represent leading financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, communications, not-for-profit and educational organizations as well as government agencies and others. What unites them is their profound commitment to quality customer service. Join them in celebrating Customer Service Week.
Customer Service Week Background

I work in customer service. While you may think this week is silly or just one more nonsensical pat on the back to people who get paid to do a job, then you have forgotten the value of good customer service.

‘Compassionate Release’ for Susan Atkins Denied

Susan Atkins, the woman who repeatedly stabbed actress Sharon Tate killing her and the baby boy she was due to deliver in two weeks (and several other people), has been denied parole once again.

Ms. Atkins has stated that Sharon Tate begged for the life of her child moments before being killed. She told the actress that she had no mercy for her. Then she killed her and the baby.

This all took place 38 years ago and have come to be known as the Manson Murders even though Charles Manson wasn’t actually there.

I Have a Vision of the Future

…I see my house– empty, all of us long dead, except for my cat Lucy who sits contentedly on my bed scratching at her fleas.

Long ago I heard this quote:


I Ecclesiastes 3
King James Bible

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Sorry King James and all those who wrote down the word of God. I just do not see the purpose of fleas. Personally, I think they boarded Noah’s Ark on the back of some unknowing elephant. They suck the blood of their host and give nothing back but the urge to scratch.

DJ AM’s Death Disturbing on Many Levels


UPDATE: Saw Blink perform in Hartford tonight. Amazing. So emotional. Raw, real. I’ve never felt closer to the band than I did tonight, and I’ve never had more respect for them.

What the f*ck?

NEW YORK (AP) — A law enforcement official says the celebrity disc jockey known as DJ AM has been found dead in his New York City apartment, which had drug paraphernalia in it.

The official tells The Associated Press that 36-year-old Adam Goldstein was found in his Manhattan apartment Friday evening. The official says there was no evidence of foul play.

The death comes a year after Goldstein survived a South Carolina plane crash that killed four other people.

This is upsetting to me on many levels. First, how awful that one would survive a plane crash only to die a year later. Second, how is Travis (Barker) handling the news? And while I know this is terrible, I can’t help but get an eerie “Final Destination” vibe from all of this. Third, and most concerning to me, is the fact that I’m going to see Blink 182 tomorrow in Hartford and if the show gets canceled so help me God don’t even come near me for a week because I will be breathing fire.

R.I.P. Adam Goldstein. Click here for more info as the story unfolds.

Not Just a Blood Bath: Inglourious Basterds Review


Don’t go to see Inglourious Basterds expecting two and a half hours of non-stop Nazi slaughtering. That’s not what this film is about (well, not totally), and let’s remember it’s Tarantino we’re talking about here.

The story is Quentin Tarantino’s fictional retelling of World War II, and the movie is brought to life by an amazing cast and fierce directing. There are so many characters in the film, all of them memorable and integral to the plot in some way. This is due in part to excellent acting (Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent, and Christoph Walt, just to name a few), but it’s Tarantino’s innate ability to create such well-drawn characters that makes this movie work.

During a Hurricane You Should Probably Stay Away From Water


Acadia National Park’s Thunder Hole, located in Maine, is a place where many tourists are known for gathering to watch waves crash into a crevasse and make a thundering sound while splashing high in the air.

This past Sunday many tourists went to check out the waves caused by Hurricane Bill.

Now you would think that hurricane+waves would make you be a little cautious. I am sure it made a cool sound, but while there is a hurricane frolicking throughout the Atlantic Ocean it might be a tad dangerous.

If You Tweet it, They Will Come… to Your House

According to, Twitter is adding a new function that will enable users to see the exact location of where tweets are coming from.

“We’re gearing up to launch a new feature which makes Twitter truly location-aware,” Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said in a message posted Thursday at the San Francisco-based Internet firm’s website.

“A new API (application programming interface) will allow developers to add latitude and longitude to any tweet.”

Accurate “tweet-level” location data would let people switch from tracking messages based on individuals or topics to following microblogging by neighborhood or city, according to Stone.

“It’s easy to imagine how this might be interesting in an event like a concert or something more dramatic like an earthquake,” Stone wrote.

So, people are going to tweet about completely inane things even more, and I’m going to care even less. On the plus side, next time Ashton Kutcher tweets about his trips to the grocery store I can hunt him down and kill him have him sign me an autograph.