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Idiots & the FDA Ruin Four Loko for the Rest of us

Four Loko and other caffeinated alcoholic beverages will be off store shelves by December 13, after being issued letters of warning by the FDA- an action spurred by the rise in hospitalizations from consumption of the drinks.

Let’s give a big round of applause to both the FDA and all of the newb college freshman for providing us with yet another example of what happens when stupid people ruin the fun for everybody else.

This potential ban hits home particularly hard as I’ve recently become a Manhattanite which means I am poor and often looking for a cheap thrill. And at 24 ounces a can with a 12 percent alcohol content for only four bucks, Loko is the cheapest of thrills you can get. Well, that and playing a game of “Dead or Just Lifeless” by poking homeless people with sticks in the subway during your morning commute.

Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC Video Teaser

OK OK OK, so we haven’t updated in a while. But how do you expect us (specifically Angela) to accumulate such awesome NYC footage if she’s blogging all day?

Part 2 of the HSIMTNYCD (Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC Diary) is coming SOON! For now, check out this awesome teaser from the video.

Watch in amusement as Angela talks about life as a lonely business woman during her trip out to San Fran for work, and contemplates who exactly is  sneaking into her hotel room to fold her underwear while she’s gone.

Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC Video Diary | Part 1

9/26 – Arrived in the city around 8:30 p.m. with a friend who was letting me stay with him in my old company’s corporate apts while he was there on business. I’d stayed there for work several times, so I didn’t really feel like I was doing anything out of the ordinary. We were there from Sunday night to Wednesday morning. I kept having to remind myself (out loud) that no- I wasn’t on a business trip, I was living here- and I’m sure the verbal reminders throughout the week weren’t annoying to my friend at all: “Yes Angela,  you’re living here. It’s done. You’re here. You can stop talking about it now.” 

Buntology Does the Big Apple

Today is moving day!!!

Angela‘s mom has packed up her belongings and is officially en route to NYC where she will be living, working and of course, Buntologizing.

The first half of  “Angela’s ‘Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC’ diary” will be posted on the site next week. In the meantime, here’s a clip to wet your appetite!

*We recommend clicking the video title to watch it full-size on the Buntology YouTube channel.

Name Calling

While the name Rochelle isn’t bizarre, it still isn’t heard that often, so whenever I do meet someone with my name it becomes something of an event.

In fact, I have only ever met two or three Rochelle’s and they didn’t spell their name like I do.

It usually happens on the phone at work.  A customer will be surprised when I identify myself.  Then they go on, “Rochelle is MY name too!” We discuss how infrequently this happens, whether we have a nickname, who named us and why.

I doubt people with names like Mary or Kathy have this experience.

The Art of the Human Response to the Naked Body

What a sicko.

I don’t know how to define “art” beyond a poorly-worded attempt at a dictionary definition.  I don’t think most people really can.  But there have to be limits as to what art is.  The “anything goes” mentality only allows for so much.  It’s now my belief that modern art tries to push those limits.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend in New York City and among my tourist stops, I was able to get to check out the Museum of Modern Art.  After seeing the Warhols, Van Goghs, and Dalis I was about ready to leave 15 minutes in.  But I was told by a friend I had to go to the top floor to see the Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present exhibit.  Since I’m already there, what’s a few more flights of stairs?  But nothing could have really prepared me for what I was about to see.

Upon entering the exhibit the only sound beyond people murmuring in shock was the sound of recorded screaming.

Live Together, Die Together? End of the Road for the Lost Saga

It should go without saying that if you’re reading this and you don’t want Lost spoiled for you, that this should be the last sentence you read.

Those that know me well know that I’m pretty critical of Lost. My whole family and a large group of my friends are religious followers of the show. And while they’re grinning from ear to ear at the end of a new episode discussing what’s going to happen next, I’m more often than not the guy sitting next to them rolling my eyes and groaning, “That was retarded.”

The truth is, I’d probably be sitting right next to them toting my very own Darma Initiative t-shirt if not for the fact that I felt betrayed as a fan beyond the show’s second season.

On the Issues: Cape Wind’s 9-year Delay

After being held up for nearly a decade due to conflicts over the economical benefits and potential environmental harms, the Cape Wind project will become the nation’s first offshore wind farm.

Cape Wind will consist of 130 wind-powered turbines that will be placed in the Nantucket Sound. This has sparked opposition from homeowners and environmentalists, and has played a role in the nine year delay of the project. The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, stationed in Hyannis, Mass., said the turbines’ rotors could cause a catastrophic amount of kills in some of the six million birds that migrate through the region. Others have said that the fishermen working in the South Cape will be put out of business.

On the Issues: Jackie Bunt

Also opposed to the project are leaders of the Wampanoag Indians, who have said that the turbine blades would destroy sunrise views that are essential for prayer ceremonies.

The late Senator Ted Kennedy also fought against this project’s development for many years. I am sure he had good reason, I mean, the turbines would be visible from the Kennedy family compound in Hyannisport. Not a pretty site, I would imagine.

Goodbye Old Friend, Hello Old Friend

“And now the sun’s coming up, I’m riding with Lady Luck, freeway cars and trucks,
Stars beginning to fade, and I lead the parade
Just a-wishing I’d stayed a little longer,
Oh, Lord, let me tell you that the feeling’s getting stronger.”- Tom Waits, ‘Ol 55

Rod: Despite my best efforts, and the conviction that THIS was going to be the vehicle that stayed with me forever, at 110, 945 miles my Chevy van failed inspection the other day. To anticipate state regulations,  I packed and sanded globs of  Bondo into rusty holes in a fender and rocker panel, but couldn’t patch the cancerous abscess in the engine block that was leaking coolant at an alarming rate. Feeling like a battlefield scavenger, I stripped the electronic EZ-Pass tag, license plate and registration from the Venture. Another untimely death of a Bunt automobile.

Universal Healthcare: Why Does it Matter?

Maybe if a certain someone was there to stop it...

At first glance, the sound of universal health care coverage is a seemingly great idea.  What kind of sadistic person has their fingers crossed for suffering people to continue to suffer?

I trip children for fun in my free time and even I, in my kinder moments, have been known to grimace at the thought of a hospital declining to help repair their shattered tibias.

So what’s the deal with all these selfish jerks with their hands clasped around their wads of cash? Why are they so unwilling to sacrifice a little to help others?  Well, maybe some of them are just jerks.  But a good amount of them aren’t, and more realistically, that group of people may see the big picture.

The picture where that small sacrifice isn’t so small after all.

What’s the core of the issue?  Is this about money again?  Because it’s not about donkeys versus elephants (which would be a hilarious satirical fight that I hope someone someday is fortunate enough to capture on tape in the wild).  It’s about rights.  The same rights that others fight so desperately for, for issues like women’s rights or gay marriage, are being thrown away as an afterthought – if even a thought at all.  And I guess people have the right to sit back and watch their rights get taken away.  But you at least owe it to yourself to see what you’re losing.