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les claypool: no drugs necessary

Crappy cell phone photo, but this is how close we were.
Crappy cell phone photo, but this is how close we were. I took some pictures before getting "spoken to," so stay tuned.

Les Claypool performed at the House of Blues in Boston last Thursday and it was the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had.

Sober as a bird*, packed into the front row of the recently redone HOB (right across from Fenway), Ivan and I rocked OUT.

The concert, billed as The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest, featured artists O’Death, Secret Chief 3 and Saul Williams. And of course, Lessy poo. All for 25 bucks!

First the White House, then your living room


President Obama appeared on Jay Leno Friday night in the first TV talk show appearance by an active president, and managed to reassure the country while simultaneously charming the pants off of them. Or maybe that’s just me.

Leno, NBC’s late-night host whose interview tactics have annoyed the hell of out of me in the past, seemed at ease with the President as they discussed the country’s financial state, specifically AIG and corruption in big banks.

The Steel Rail effect


Buntology & crew made some new friends when they rocked out to The Glisten Effect last weekend at Fired Up in Westfield, Mass.

The four-piece band, comprised of Dom Mazzolli (lead vocals, guitar, trumpet), Nicolas Gringas (vocals, keyboards), Ryan Andrews (bass), Nate Kielb (drums, vocals), are Westfield natives, and played a super fun show Saturday night.

The first set included a cover of RHCP’s “Suck my Kiss,” “Business Time” (from “Flight of the Conchords), and sickk drum and bass solos. They ended by letting the crowd know they had some Pink Floyd up their sleeve…

The Wrestler review [by Matt Gosciminski]


After waiting what I would presume is somewhere around six months time and seeing trailers and reading reviews, I was finally able to see Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” (after many hateful wishes towards those who are privileged to be wherever “limited release” happens to be.) I have to say that all the buzz and award nods for Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of washed up wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson are not unfounded.

Keep Cookin’ with Jackie Bunt

Recently Jackie has started her internship at Ludlow Community Television (LCTV). At her internship she records local events and edits videos. This may have absolutely nothing to do with her major but she has managed to plug Buntology by starting her own cooking show!

We will now be including a link to Jackie’s show, “Keep Cookin’ ” where anyone can view the episodes and get the recipes, and lets keep in mind she is still learning so it isn’t perfect … yet.

To watch the first episode CLICK HERE!

Asher Roth is about to blow up [by Christina]


Hello readers. So, being the official “G” of (in close competition with Alicia) I feel it’s my responsibility to keep you guys up to date on the newest, hottest, G’d up sh*t.

Skinny, stoner, white boy, suburbanite Asher Roth…is about to blow up. Although he might not sound like a hip-hop prodigy from this particular description, Roth’s got the flow. What makes Asher’s rhymes stick is the fact that they’re about Harry Potter characters, not jewelry and cars; throwing frat parties instead of hitting up the club; breakfast at Ihop instead of being in the V.I.P, and chugging beer vs. sipping Patron.

The 23-year-old is originally from the suburb of Morrisville, Penn. He never had hip-hop influence early on in his life, the first CD he ever bought was Crash by Dave Matthews Band. However, around ’98 Asher started listening to hip hop after the Annie sample [Hard Knock Life] by Jay-Z sparked his interest. By high school he was constantly battling and freestyling with his friends and started recording tracks in a friend’s basement. Two hundred and fifty of his burned CDs were sold in two days, and Roth then started to really pursue a career in hip hop. After graduating college he moved to Atlanta in order to be in a major mecca of hip hop to try and launch his music. Roth is currently signed to Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Music and Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records.