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Jon + Kate = Divorce. [Update by Jackie]

UPDATE: According to the LA Times, “After months of speculation, the famed reality couple from TLC’s ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ is heading to divorce court. In a much-promoted episode of the hit series Monday night, Jon and Kate Gosselin, the parents of eight children, announced in separate interviews they were separating; seconds later, text appeared on a black screen to add that the couple had decided to ‘legally dissolve’ their 10-year marriage. The children will stay in the house, the couple said, and Jon and Kate will switch off living there.”
Today it became official.

Jon and Kate Gosselin filed separation papers in Pennsylvania court. This was actually done before their ” big announcement” episode.

I have to admit I have not been watching the show. I watched the first episode of this season and was so upset by it that I decided to stop watching it altogether. [I don’t need to see the demise of a family and the inevitable scarring of children. – Angela] [I don’t even know who these people are. Are we related? – Alicia]

I-Sketch Crazy


I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t been doing much of anything in a while. It isn’t because I can’t find a job, or have no friends..It is all because of a little website called,

About a week ago my friend (and Buntology writer) William Cimino introduced me to this website. It is basically Pictionary online. There are a whole bunch of rooms to join, which hold as many as 10 people at a time. The object is to earn the most points by correctly guessing other people’s drawings, and the player doing the actual drawing rotates throughout the game. I am a really bad “paint” user, and that is the ISketch’s basic setup for drawing your word. Either way, this game has taken over my life for a good 2-3 hours a day.

Gogol Bordello, ManMan at the House of Blues [by Ivan]

[Editor’s note: Sorry for the delay of this post. Alicia and I were supposed to go to this show but technology failed us (damn GPS. OK hand-written directions failed us, too) and we missed it. It was too painful to read this review after Ivan wrote it, but now I’m seeing ManMan in July so it’s all good. – Angela]

gogol set list

BOSTON – The final show of the Gogol Bordello and ManMan tour finished off Friday night in Boston, Mass. at the House of Blues.

ManMan opened up the show and played songs mostly from Rabbit Habbits, the band’s third album. While the crowd was just chilling and standing around, I began to mark my course through the mass of people in an effort to get everyone rowdy before the band finished. I recognized the sound of the next song and realized Black Mission Goggles was going to start, and my presence was not about to stay stuck in the back. I made it up front and got some people going. I wasn’t going to leave ManMan disappointed without a raging crowd… Success!

Gogol Bordello took the stage next.

You’ve got to run like an antelope out of control [by Xtina]

phish peeps

I thought I knew how excited I was to see Phish for my first time, back together again after five years, in my favorite city in the world. But I was wrong, because when I was in the grandstands of Fenway Park and watched Trey, Mike, Fishman and Page walk out onto the field in Red Sox jerseys and begin to sing the star spangled banner, my excitement reached an all time high. I’m not going to lie to you readers — I shed a tear.

Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul

You've got to run like an antelope. Out of control.

Ange and Xtina are out of CONTROL right this minute at Phenway – I mean, Fenway – Park, dancing, drinking and plugging the site at the first Phish show of their summer tour!

I, needless to say, am almost paralyzed with jealousy. I am a prettttty big Phish fan, but I had to work. As usual. Luckily, the girls are sending me textual updates and pics, which I’ll pass onto you readers. The first song? “Sample in a Jar.” I LOVE YOU TREY!!!!

More photos and a set list after the jump.

PHENWAY, baby!

‘Doin’ Work’: A Spike Lee joint to pass on [by jeff dale]


Kobe Bryant has been called a lot of things in his 12 year pro career — from rapist, to The Black Mamba, to MVP, to the next MJ. Kobe’s life has been a remarkable story of a star who rose so quickly after winning three championships by the age of 23, and whose crash to earth was equally remarkable.

These story lines might be what you’d expect to see when Spike Lee rolls up a fat one, and tackles one of the biggest sports icons of our generation. But, sadly to say, Spike has lost his fastball.

blink 182 on leno, ange on her futon watching

blink tat copy

Blink 182 appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday and Wednesday to perform songs off their greatest hits album and promote their upcoming summer tour.

On Tuesday the band performed “The Rock Show” with Mark Hoppus on lead vocals. Donning tight black pants and his subtle-yet-spikey hairdo, Hoppus left the viewers (me) wondering if he ever ages (aka is still so hot).

Travis Barker was also in full effect, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it felt damn good to see him drumming again.

Don’t forget the Dead!

This one’s for all you jam-band junkies out there. Guest writer Neil Benjamin, a sports writer for the North Adams Transcript, taps his true talent: getting into the music. He can probably get you into the show, too. – Alicia

With all the frenzy surrounding the return of Phish, it’s easy to forget about all other music. I mean, let’s face it, Phish are musical gods.

Trey Anastasio and the boys returned from a nearly five-year absence in March, and it was all anyone seemed to talk about. Or maybe it was just me. Dreadlocks everywhere smirked with excitement.

But if you need a reminder, another fabulous band has recently returned to the spotlight. The band that originally made 20-minute songs hip is back. Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, along with friends Jeff Chimenti and Warren Haynes, embarked on their spring tour on Sunday.

it took them a long time to get back on the train [by christina]

A view of the crowd gathered for the Phish performance at the Hampton Coliseum on March 6, 2009

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple months… Phish is back.

At “Phish’s Phinal Phestival” in Coventry, V.T., on August 15, 2004, some people thought it was the end of the four-piece, legendary jam band. Others knew the truth- they’d be back.

October 1, 2008, was the first official announcement of three Phish shows in March. They were going to be played at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. This had loyal Phish fans, to put it plainly, phreaking out.