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Definitely unstifled.

“Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry” certainly isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome.

The show premiered in 2002 on HBO and features a wide range of poets, actors, rappers, singers and comedians. Simmons’ series also had a 6-month run on Broadway, and won a 2003 Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event.

Buntology was recently alerted to some of these great spoken-word poems, and below are two of our favorites.

The whamp killed the Vibes [by Neil Benjamin]


Another year, another Vibes.

For the sixth consecutive year, I (sort of) enjoyed the fun people, (kind of) great music and (mildly) silly antics at the festival that celebrates the life of the great Jerry Garcia.

Except this year was different. Maybe it should be renamed “Gathering of the Shady and Sketchy Vibes.”

I mean, what am I supposed to say? Early Saturday morning, a DEAD BODY was found in the camping area. Seriously? I spoke with a few people who had vast knowledge of the fatal situation. The news is reporting that the 29-year-old male probably died due to a medical condition. I don’t buy it. One source who saw the body said it looked swollen and bruised. I have no doubt I know what happened to this person, and who did it for that matter. However, I am not going to share my speculation.


5 studio albums that could be Greatest Hits albums [by Will]


It seems these days buying CDs is becoming as archaic as buying movies on VHS. And why spend money on something you can get for free (unless your morals forbid you to pirate music)? But even then, why buy a disk when you can use the iTunes store since the music is going straight to your iPod anyway?

For whatever reason, I have a hard time thinking this way. Admittedly, few things hurt more than watching my money disappear into a stranger’s cash register, but there’s just something special about owning an album you really enjoy. But that’s the thing. How often does an album come about that you love beginning to end?

The Dead Weather gives Boston a lesson in rock [by Angela]

bunt bbq, deadweather show 050 WS

The Dead Weather are 100 percent rock n’ roll.

This was made evident after a performance at Boston’s House of Blues on Saturday, when alt rock’s newest supergroup ripped through their debut album, Horehound, in an hour, leaving the diverse crowd with ringing ears and sweaty backs.

The band, comprised of Alison Mosshart, Jack Lawrence, Dean Fertita and Jack White, were formed in Nashville, Tennessee, and pull influence from The Kills, Discount, The Raconteurs, Queens of the Stone Age, The Greenhornes and The White Stripes.

Full-blood sisters review the Half-Blood Prince [by Annie and Lauren]

hpmain copy

ANNIE: First I would like to say that I am a huge Harry Potter fan (I mean, I did take a college credit English class called “The Literary Traditions of Harry Potter”). Secondly, I’ve never written a movie review before so I might be
way off track, but Lauren told me not to be stifled so I won’t be.

LAUREN: Annie and I attended the midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” at Regal Cinema late Tuesday night. We arrived around 10:15 p.m. and the theater was already packed.

ANNIE: The evening was enjoyable, and Lauren with her cape and wand was quite the entertainment-“you’re a wizard Harry!” I was wearing my Hufflepuff colors (yellow and black) because honestly, I would so be in Hufflepuff.

Celebrating the 4th with the Dead [by Neil]

neilguitar copy

What could possibly be better than hanging out with thousands of like-minded music fanatics on the 4th day of July at the Rothbury Music Festival?

Celebrating our nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, at least for this Deadhead, was an experience that couldn’t be topped.

With such a great lineup, Rothbury had something for everyone. I was sucked in by the lure of seeing Bobby, Phil, Mickey and Bill churn out some old classics.

“Baby we are live”

UPDATE: Now with more MAN MAN – one of my favorite bands! Click the jump for pics from Angie.

From Buntology photog and networker extraordinaire Xtina, via text message:

“Keller williams live rothbury 09 bbaabbbyyy first set UPDATE baby we are live coverage rothbury 09 right nowww wwooo. Mad networking bitches!”

Kellar Williams, Rothbury 09

Have fun, girls – while you’re out grinding like a bunch of jobless hippies, I’m back here in the rolling Berkshire hills, doing ACTUAL WORK. *sob* TELL ANI I LOVE HER

(Stay tuned for more funny texts and grainy pics!)


Angela is gearing up right this minute for her trip to Michigan to see the Rothbury Music Festival!


The festival, located in Rothbury, Michigan (duh), is four days and four nights. That’s a whole lotta not showering.

Here is the artist lineup for the weekend. Between Angela, Christina and guest writer Neil, Buntology should be covering the hell out of this event.

Some favs to look out for? The Dead, ManMan, Les Claypool, String Cheese Incident, Damien Marley ft. Nas, and Bob Dylan.