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Buntology saves the planet!

Me and Ange at the "afterparty." (Read: bar)

Angela and I made out like straight bandits at a charity bash last night in Pittsfield.

Sure, our fave nonprofit, Lights Out, Green In, raked in a ton of cash, but we went home with CDs, clothing, gift certificates and second-row tickets to a fight at Mohegan Sun!

Who knew going green could be so rewarding?

Berkshire Eagle reporter and all-around cool chick Jenn Smith donated her birthday to charity on Saturday, hosting a big party at Brew Works in Pittsfield with trivia, raffles and locally brewed beer. The door charge was $2 and went to LOGI and a local animal shelter.

Ange and I quickly posted up at a high-top table with friend and protector of Buntology Mike Foster and a few other folks. Our trivia team was called the Daytrippers. All the questions were environmentally themed, so you’d think Mike, a botany guy, would have been all over this. Not so. We came in last. This says more about our ability to follow directions than our mental capabilities. Apparently, we missed some key point-earning instructions, and ended up coming in last. Go Daytrippers!

But Angie, Mike and I were more excited about the Chinese raffle. Prizes included gift certificates to local pubs and eateries, music from local artists,

Angela's hiding behind her prize 'cause she's hungover.

gift cards for local stores like Chocolate Springs (guess what they sell?) and locally designed clothing and accessories. But the best prize was the pair of second-row tickets to a Mixed Martial Arts fight at the Mohegan Sun casino in April! We all entered. Long story short, Ange wound up with two CDs and an awesome T-shirt featuring our own mountaintop wind turbine, Zephyr; I got a $25 gift certificate to some clothing store and the MMA tickets! Mike, who has kindly agreed to be my date, said we’ll be close enough to get splattered with blood!

So after sweeping the prizes at Brew Works, Ange and I met up with some Eagle people and some LOGI people at — believe it or not! — the Home Plate. The Home Plate is probably Buntology’s biggest supporter. We couldn’t have been there more than 20 minutes before the bartenders shook us up a new drink to review: The Black Raspberry Fribble. (Review, recipe coming … at some point!)

I kept my head above water – after all, I need to be a good influence on the little sister – but Angie did get a little trashed. What a child.

We should have more pics as Jenn puts them online.

Most importantly: Take the pledge! Unless you hate the planet.


Rajasthan King

“Friend and Protector of Buntology.” I love it! Can I get that on a plaque or maybe a desk sign? At least some business cards…

I firmly stand by the fact that we won that friggin’ trivia game by a landslide. The questions were flawed, and it’s not our fault the Nixon sisters can’t project their voices so we missed the points directions! They should pay me to give them voice lessons.

MJ, Mohegan Sun is the going to be the biggest thing in 2009! The bold and the beautiful of NBC (that’s us by the by) are going to take that place by storm! I’m so stoked! Drunken violence and gambling…’nuff said!


amen to that, brother.

i am wearing my zephyr t-shirt right now!!!

i love turning off lights!!!!!


Ya know, your Grandpa Frank would have been all about “Lights Out”. He was forever saying to me,
“Turn off the lights, do you think I own stock in LILCO?” (Long Island Lighting Company)


And by “saying” I mean yelling.


hahahaha i can see it

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