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Buntology for Dummies

By WILL CIMINO     I guess at first glance, the response to (without knowing the Bunts) would be: “… What?” That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of explaining just a little bit about the Bunts for those newbies. 

bunty for dummies

Who am I? Glad you asked. While my credentials aren’t superb, I have been somewhat of an expert in Buntology since late 2005. Nearly three years of study can’t possibly be compacted into one short synopsis, but I can offer some small insight into Bunt 101.

Angela’s Interests: Making wax kittaay’s, chickpeas, smokin’ weeeed, trail mix, sleeping, crocheting, and RECENTLY working on/promoting buntology

Jackie’s Interests: Cheese, candy, cleaning, cooking, country, candles (I want to write more, but the alliteration has already gone this far, and I can’t think of a way to write ‘Pugs’ or ‘Bertuccis’ using a ‘C’).

Alicia’s Interests: Quoting Star Wars, R.P.S.*, reading books, Buffy, pig tails, gramar (HA! that’ll drive her nuts**), pink, date rape, murder, pillaging, famine (…admittedly I haven’t known Alicia as long as the twins)

* Rock, Paper, Scissors
** Not really, that’s spelling error not grammar you retard

Shared Bunt Interests: Girls Next Door, Josh Hartnett (I know.. wtf right?), Old Movies, Phish, Binging, Purging (on occasion), Cats, The Office, Being Half-Jews

Commonly Uttered Bunt Phrases: “I’m just keeping it real”, “it is what it is” , “Jackie, your hair looks fine”, “I get it… I get it.”, “Stop diddling around”, “Whatever, whatever”, “I HATE THAT SHIT” (she really does), “I like your pig tails, Alicia”, “If you could eat anything in the world right now…”, “I see through your facade”, and a certain ugly, profane word that rhymes with their last name. If you don’t think that that word is capable of making an appearance more than two times in the same sentence, you don’t know the Bunts.

Bunt Vocab (since the picture promised):
SL = Serious Laughing. ex: “AngelaKate182: SL!” T.N.S. = Tuna Noodle Surprise! ex: “If you could eat anything in the world right now… T.N.S.!” Diddling = Laying around. ex: “stop diddling around” or masturbating. ex: “stop diddling around” or some form of sexual molestation ex. “stop diddling around.. with young children” or, most commonly, some type of sexual contact ex. “we diddled around for a while.”

willy c



thanks will!

Vince Vaughn

haha that was really good! good job will

Tookie Dookie Doo

being an OLD School Bunt fan, I must say, this is probably one of the most accurate depictions of everyone’s favorite half jews that I have ever read.

Congrats. You seem to know a lot about them….

but I’ve seen two thirds of their vaginas.

Mom Bunt

thanks Will…always wanted to know what my kids were doing when they were”diddling around”… ok maybe I didn’t really

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