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Buntology Battles Tournament – Week One

Today begins the Buntology Battles Tournament, brought to you by and Ivan Omar Project.

This is not an NCAA basketball thing. Instead, this is a fun tournament, set up similar to the March Madness bracket of the NCAA. Here I will be matching up one animal against another. All you do is vote. The one with the most votes after one week wins, and advances in the tournament. So, check it out each week and submit your comments and votes.

This tournament includes 16 different animals. After a staff discussion we make two divisions of eight- an East Division, and a West Division, as well as ranking the two from 1st through 8th. The first two matches we are starting with are the following:

East – #1 Lion vs. #8 Kangaroo


[polldaddy poll=1446894]

West – #4 Alligator vs. #5 Electric Eel


[polldaddy poll=1446895]

Dear Buntology Fans,

I do not support animal violence and neither does anyone else on the Buntology staff. This is just a fun submission of artwork of animals. We DO NOT have real animals at the Buntology Headquarters fighting each other. So please do not think we want these wonderful animals battling for real. Thank you.

Coming up next:

East – #4 Elephant vs. #5 Gorilla

West – #2 Tiger vs. #7 Wolf



Alright well I have an Australia bias so I’m just picking kangaroo.

That being said, a kangaroo would actually totally ruin the lion if they were in the water because kangaroos are known to hold their pretadors heads under the water until they drown. Because they’re bad ass.

Also it should be known that Ivan is a liar and condones animal violence and buntology does have an arena where these animals fights are tested on a daily basis.


I don’t understand how the Lion can be part of this when the Bear clearly won the last battle, not to mention the Lion barely has a scratch on him


Yeah, well all you folks who are chomping down on a hamburger while voting need to rethink your views on animal violence.
I voted lion but after reading Will’s comments… I don’t know. Not informed enough about Kangas or eels so just going with first impulse and too many stupid movies where gators eat people.


Shock me like an electric eel!!!!!!
love it ivan


I say include famous humans in the brackets. Like Ellen Degeneris versus Jaws.

get paid

El Sensei Miyagi fallecio de muerte natural a los 73 años de edad en su casa en pleno rodaje de la película Princess.

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