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Bruschetta Onion Chicken and Rice

Check out the recipe from Episode 1


  • One medium sized white onion
  • Cup of cherry tomatoes
  • Chopped garlic
  • Garlic Powder
  • Dry basil ( or fresh basil!)
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Strips
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Instant Brown Rice

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Step 2: In a deep dish glass pan (8×12) pour about 1/3 cup of olive oil to coat
the bottom.
Step 3: Chop up the onion and spread over the pan.
Step 4:Season the chicken strips with a pinch of salt and pepper. Then sprinkle on dry basil leaves and garlic powder.
* If you are using fresh basil then you can cut basil into strips and place on top of chicken.
Step 5: Place chicken, seasoned side down, on top of the onions in the pan.
Step 6: Repeat step 4 with other side of chicken.
Step 6: Use a teaspoon of fresh garlic and sprinkle over entire pan.
Step 7: Cut tomatoes into halves and spread over entire pan.
Step 8: Drizzle about 3 tablespoons of olive oil over the pan.
Step 9: Place pan in oven for 30-35 minutes.

Step 10: For instant brown or white rice follow instructions on back of the box for desired number of servings.

Step 11: Enjoy!



yum yum. love the show, too. watched it online in a link on the Ludlow Public Television page.

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