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Bob Ross Has a Coke Nail

bob ross coke nail
Never trust a man whose fingernails are longer than yours. Unless that man is Bob Ross.

In a never-ending quest to find something soothing to fall asleep to, I’ve recently downloaded the entire “Joy of Painting” television series to my Macbook. While I can’t paint a picture to save my life — hell, I can’t even polish my nails without inadvertently shellacking my fingertips — I can’t get enough of Bob Ross and his almighty trees living in his happy little world made up of titanium white and van dyke brown. That is, until I spotted his Coke Nail. 

How could such a gentle, animal-loving hippie have such a dirty little habit? In all fairness, he was painting a shit load of landscapes at the time. And coke was basically running rampant throughout the ’80s. I ain’t mad ‘atcha, Bob. After all, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. Now give me your blow.



OMG girl hahahahhhahaahaha


You know how I feel about Bob.. He ended my painting career. Dad with his, “Bob says , as soon as you pick up a brush you are a painter” and ” Bob says, there are no mistakes.” I almost stabbed dad with a happy little paint brush!

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